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Mom Transforms Son’s Hearing Aids into Cartoon Characters So He Would Feel Cool Wearing Them





A UK mom with a son diagnosed with profound deafness and hearing loss thought of a way to show kids how cool hearing aids are.

Sarah Ivermee’s four-year-old son Freddie is deaf on one ear and has hearing loss in the other. Last year, he started wearing cochlear implants, which are surgically implanted hearing devices.

Indeed, it “made Freddie’s world a much bigger place”, but reality stuck Sarah when a friend told her that children wearing hearing aids often get teased by their peers.

This is what inspired her to start Lugs, a company that creates custom-made hearing device decorations. Sarah got the brilliant idea from a friend whose daughter experienced difficulties in wearing hearing aids.

“Knowing children are not just happy to wear their hearing aids and cochlears but that they are proud to show them off makes it all worth while,” Sarah told Mighty.

Diagnosed with profound deafness and hearing loss, Freddie started to wear hearing aids in 2014.


Photo credit: My Lugs
His mother Sarah learned from another mom that deaf kids wearing hearing aids often feel different from their peers.


Photo credit: My Lugs
In order to make these kids feel awesome, Sarah began designing really COOL hearing aids.


Photo credit: My Lugs
“I thought there would be a lot of families struggling with children who don’t want to wear their [hearing devices], and I felt I had to help”


Photo credit: My Lugs
“People all over the world are wearing the little kits that I make in my living room; it’s unbelievable!”


Photo credit: My Lugs

We bet even kids who don’t need hearing devices would love to wear these really cool stuff.

Learn more about Lugs by visiting their website.

Source: Bored Panda

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