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Stage Mom Spends Thousands On Makeup And Skimpy Outfits For 7-Year-Old Daughter





A single mother is now being criticized after admitting that she spent thousands on makeup, fake tan, and skimpy outfits for her daughter. The stage mom claims that she wants to help her child fulfill her dream of being famous. However, many find her actions inappropriate, adding that she has been “sexualizing” her young daughter.

Jenna Eastland, 31, of Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, is a proud mother to seven-year-old Layla Thompson, a.k.a. Layla Belle. Apparently, Jenna strongly believes that Layla is destined to be a celebrity and is keen on doing everything to kick off her career in showbiz.

The proud mom revealed:

“She’s not a normal seven-year-old. She would be a great reality TV star.”

Layla's mother believes she's born to be a big star.

In some of the pictures obtained by the DailyMail, Layla can be seen posing in a more matured way for someone her age.

The aspiring celebrity enjoys being photographed with her hair extensions, full makeup, and skimpy outfits.

Jenna said:

“Layla’s got a six pack so she loves wearing belly tops and shorts. I guess people might think it’s too young but it’s just Layla.”

Despite the daring looks of her daughter, Jenna insists that there is nothing wrong with her style.

The stage mom also snaps back at her critics who claim that she’s “sexualizing her daughter.”

She noted:

“I get abuse all the time saying I’m sexualizing her, but I think that if people think that then there’s something sadly wrong with them even thinking that about a kid.”

The mother slammed those who are criticizing her parenting style.

Layla, who is currently homeschooling, also enjoys competing in beauty pageants and dance competitions, according to her mother.

Jenna added that her daughter has always been interested in cosmetics and fashion. Apparently, Layla started putting on makeup when she was one-year-old.

Jenna said:

“She’s always worn makeup and dressed up from the age of one. If I left makeup she would cover herself in bronzer. By the time she was two she was putting on her own mascara. She has always been mature for her age and loved to pose.”

Jenna claims that Layla would rather experiment on different beauty products than play with toys like any typical seven-year-old would do.

With Jenna being an “over supportive” mom, many assume that she’s only using her daughter to fulfill her own dream of being famous. However, she quickly dismissed the claims, adding that she’s not the “glitzy” type of person.

Jenna reiterated:

“It’s definitely not my dream, I mean you can see how I look. I’m not really a glitzy glam sort of person. It’s Layla.”

Jenna clarified that she is definitely not a 'pushy mom.'

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