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Mom Refuses To Vaccinate Her Children, Says They’re “Protected By Jesus”





With alarming reports about measles outbreaks in Europe, United States, Madagascar, and the Philippines, people are becoming more aware about the importance of vaccination. Besides, measles is completely preventable and it doesn’t have to claim young lives if parents will just do their job.

The sad fact of the matter, however, is that there are still some who believe that vaccines are entirely unnecessary and there are even those who claim it causes autism among children. The World Health Organization has since appropriately named anti-vaxxers as one of the world’s top health threats.

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Now we’re hearing reports about an anti-vaxxer mother who refuses to have her children vaccinated insisting they do not need it because, according to her, they are protected by Jesus.

In a Unilad report, we learn about an unnamed mother who posted on Facebook that her five children “will never be vaccinated” because of divine protection. “I know faith helps you walk the righteous path,” she added and even pointed out “The same people that tell me to vaccinate are the same people telling me that God did not masterfully craft this planet.

Of course, netizens couldn’t help but rebuke the uninformed mom.

Source: Facebook

One of the commenters savagely replied to the post, writing:

“They can die like Jesus with a rusty nail.”

While the response may sound harsh, many have agreed with the post and have even said that yes, the mother’s children may also be in danger of tetanus for not being vaccinated.

Meanwhile, experts have repeatedly mentioned about the importance of vaccination.

Dr. Andrew Bernstein, spokesperson of the American Academy of Pediatrics spokesperson and a clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, emphasized:

“There’s only one reason for the resurgence of measles, and that’s people not getting their immunizations.”

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