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Anti-Vaxxers Named Among ‘Top Global Health Threats’ by WHO

“Diseases that are almost unknown would stage a comeback” warned health officials.


People who are against vaccinations have become more than an annoyance. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), they are now considered among the top “threats to global health” in 2019.

WHO recently revealed a list of some of the world’s top health threats and identified anti-vaccination as one of our serious problems. The agency declared that “vaccine hesitancy threatens to reverse progress made in tackling vaccine-preventable diseases.”

In the past years, certain health problems such as polio and diphtheria have become “rare in the U.S.” reported Fox News, because of vaccination. Fast forward to the present, however, and we see some parents opposing the idea of having their children vaccinated.

The federal agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC has also warned against the practice, saying that “diseases that are almost unknown would stage a comeback” if the issue is not addressed.

According to a report, around 100,000 children have not received shots against 14 different types of illnesses that can be prevented by vaccination.

There are, of course, many reasons behind the disturbing movement. Although some point to the fact that they do not have proper insurance coverage, this is not a valid concern because the government spends for the vaccines of uninsured kids. Meanwhile, there are other anti-vaccination parents who falsely believe that certain vaccines causes autism among children – a claim that has been proven wrong over and over by experts in the medical field.

WHO further detailed that among global health threats are air pollution, climate change, an expected global flu pandemic, along with diabetes, HIV and others.

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What can you say about this topic, our dear readers? Are you for or against child vaccinations? And why? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below!


Canada Aiming To Welcome 1 Million Immigrants In The Next 3 Years

The country is planning to take in up to 370,000 new residents in 2021 alone.

Refugees who are looking for a new home might consider moving to Canada soon. The country has just confirmed that it is looking to welcome more than one million immigrants in the next three years.

Ahmed Hussen, Canada's immigration minister, has revealed in his 2018 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration that there are major plans in the coming years. According to Hussen, there are plans to admit as many as 1,080,000 new permanent residents from 2019 to 2021. The upper target for the third year will be 370,000.

Hussen, a former refugee, shared the plans to welcome more immigrants to Canada.

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Australia’s Weather Map Turns Black As It Faces “Most Extreme Heat” Ever at 48C

“It’s been like hell,” described a local resident.

Australia is currently experiencing extremely hot weather that their weather maps have turned black. As we have learned from recent reports, the temperatures have reached an alarming 48C!

Sources even say that the weather in the Land Down Under is now being considered as "the most extreme heat since World War II." In New South Wales, they went over 41C for most days of the previous week while the coastal town of Port Augusta had 46C. White Cliffs, on the other hand, had a record-breaking temperature of 48.2C.

How hot is it in Australia right now? This weather map will give you a clue!

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Tech Expert Warns Against Viral ’10-Year-Challenge’ on Social Media

The latest social media craze may be a security risk, says an expert. #10YearChallenge

If you're a frequent social media user, we're sure you've already seen a lot of '10 year challenge' posts on social media. The trend recently went viral on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, prompting netizens to dig up their old photos and share it side by side with their newest snapshots.

It may seem nothing more than a fun viral photo challenge but according to some experts, doing it may actually put you at risk. How is that even possible, you ask? Read on and find out for yourself.

The '10 year challenge' may not be as harmless as you thought.

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