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Mom Injured in Car Accident Refuses Pain Meds So She Can Breastfeed Her Baby

…all this despite a neck brace and intense shooting pains down her neck, back and hip


The lengths a mother would go through to ensure her child gets the best of everything, even if the best of everything just happens to be a tad improbable.

In the case of Danni Bett from Christchurch, New Zealand, nothing would keep her from feeding her infant daughter with the best baby food available – her own breast milk – even right after figuring in an awful car accident that smashed her vehicle and left her with really bad pain.

Danni refused pain medication so she could breastfeed her daughter!

breastfeeding 1


It all happened when Danni lost control of her car, which smashed into a metal fence, totaling the vehicle.

Danni immediately felt the effects of the accident, which left her with intense pain running down from her neck, back and hip. But her first concern was her daughter, Indi, who was still in the vehicle, so she shouted to bystanders running in to help to please save her baby first.

Miraculously, Indi was asleep, unharmed, and survived the accident without a scratch!

When paramedics arrived on the scene, they immediately put Danni in a neck brace and wheeled both mother and daughter into an ambulance to the nearest hospital.

As soon as the shock wore off, Danni began to really feel the aftereffects of the serious car crash, but when medical personal prepared to administer painkillers, she refused them after she heard Indi beginning to cry for her mother.

A nurse suggested Indi be bottle fed instead, but Danni insisted she stay off pain medication for a total of four hours so she could safely feed her daughter.

“I asked if I could feed her, but they said no and suggested a bottle, but I said ‘Please, don’t,’” Bett said. “I could hear Indi crying. She was really unsettled.”

After a traumatic day, she knew the best cure for the both of them would be for Indi to breastfeed from her mother.

So medical staff brought Indi in, and the infant immediately latched on to Danni’s breast, immobile mother with neck brace and all. It was instant relief for them both.

“I wanted her, I wanted to calm her. To give her that (a bottle) would not be right. (Breastfeeding) is the best for her and I had that.”

breastfeeding 2

All’s well that ends well, both Danni and her daughter Indi are both doing well. Which just goes to show that a mother’s instincts to nurture her child never fail, even if she happens to be in extreme pain.

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barbie 1

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molai 2

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