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Sweet Dog Feeds Female Pooch Who’s Stuck Breastfeeding Their Puppies





They say “happy wife, happy life” — that probably goes with boyfriends and girlfriends too. In fact, it appears that the popular saying even applies to animals.

Most dog videos make us go “awww,” and this one is no exception. But this new clip is not just your any other dog videos where you see the pups do cute and adorable things; this one is much more than that. It shows what love is all about.

It’s a given fact that moms take care of the kids while dads provide for the family. Women may argue that they are very capable of providing for the family while taking care of the kids at the same time, and vice versa, but that’s not the whole point of the video.

In the one-minute clip perfectly titled “make sure your lady is never hungry,” a female dog can be seen breastfeeding her puppies in a corner ledge of a house. She looked exhausted and hungry but knew that mommy duty always comes first.

A male dog then entered the scene from the left side, using a chair to hop on the ledge. He didn’t just go up there to witness the breastfeeding moment; he had a purpose — to feed the mom of his pups.

What made this video extra special is the fact that the male dog didn’t only feed his partner, but it’s obvious how much he loves and cares about her.

After giving her food, the male dog tenderly embraced the mom who is still stuck breastfeeding their puppies. Knowing that he didn’t bring enough treat, the male pooch got another one and fed it to the female dog.

This time, however, he put the treat farther than the first one, probably to give the mom a break from breastfeeding and stretch up her legs.

The sweet clip ended with the male dog lovingly hugging his partner, kissing her, not leaving her side, and showing her how much he appreciates having her in his life, especially now that they are parents to their adorable puppies.

Watch the video here:

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