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Mom Of Autistic Boy Brilliantly Hides A Recorder In His Backpack To Catch His Bullies

And you wouldn’t believe who the bullies are!






Milissa Davis noticed her son, Camden, all upset and in distress after coming home from school. The boy, who has autism goes, to Hope Academy, a school that caters and specializes in teaching students with special needs. Milissa chose the academy in the hope of a good education for children like Camden. She got worried when Camden started wetting the bed and becoming anxious and aggressive.

As a mother, Milissa knows something is wrong. She tried approaching the principal of the school to address the matter, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Left with no other choice, she attached a recording device to his son’s school bag to find out was causing anxieties. To her dismay, her son was being bullied, not by other students, but by the teachers of Hope Academy.

This is Camden. He used to be a cheerful and bright boy, despite his condition.

Milissa, as a mom, wanted to give Camden the best support that she can.

Hope Academy is known for its great and welcoming condition for kids with special needs.

But, apparently, they seem to shatter hopes.

Milissa was thrilled when her son got accepted at Hope Academy. But what Camden experienced truly appalled her.

“To think that I had sent my son there every day, and what had happened before, that I didn’t know about.”

But Milissa noticed that her once cheerful son became agressive and started wetting the bed.

As what all other moms would do, she went to the school to address the matter, but everything went unheard.

The poor mom became desperate. She tried asking for help but the school turned their deaf ears towards her and she knew something was happening.

She knew she had to do something, and so she thought of a plan.

She decided to place a recorder on Camden’s backpack to find out what was going on.

What she found out was beyond shocking.

Camdem was being bullied, not by his fellow students, but by his teacher.

The act was recorded by the hidden device as a teacher and her aid said mean things to Camden.

Who knows what they said or did even before that.

“Bullying is terrible when it’s kids-on-kids. But it’s so much worse when it’s adults picking on your child.”

She brought the recording to the school board the next day.

The principal immediately fired the two teachers involved.

Milissa’s social media post garnered national attention and has already been deleted. She pulled Camden off the school immediately.

Linda Stone, Hope Academy’s Principal released a statement about what happened.

“On March 23, 2018, a recording posted to social media was brought to our attention. Apparently, a parent sent a student to school with a recording device in his/her backpack. The recording appears to be a compilation of audio clips, many of which involve private conversations between two adults with no other persons/children present. The recording contains regretful conversations between these adults.

The parent never brought the recording to the attention of Hope Academy before posting it on social media. The parent has also refused to meet with Hope Academy to discuss the actions we have taken to address the issue. The persons involved in the communications are either no longer with the school or will no longer be with the school after this semester.

Over these many years, Hope Academy has built a strong reputation for competently serving the educational needs of the special needs community. These recordings are not an indication of who we are. We ask that the community not let the actions of two persons reflect on the reputation of and the mission of the school — a mission we have tried so hard to build. We again extend an invitation to meet with the parent involved to discuss this incident further.”

The statement seems to be implying that it is Milissa’s fault when she already tried reaching out to the school earlier. What do you think dear readers?


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