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Mysterious ‘Angel’ Appeared at a Car Crash Site, Miraculously Did This and Disappeared!





Do you believe in angels and in the power of prayer? Most people encourage us to pray when everything seems lost and hopeless. Katie Lentz’s experience proved that angels do exist and that prayers can really move mountains. However, in Katie’s case, it wasn’t a mountain, but a totally wrecked vehicle.

Katie was 19 years old when she was hit by a drunk driver in the Missouri highway 19, at around 9 a.m last 2013. The impact pinned her between the steering wheel and the car seat.

Katie Lentz's car was hit by a drunk driver in Missouri highway 19.


Photo credit: News
As time passed by, her condition exacerbated.


Photo credit: Deseret News
Watch the video:

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The rescuers started to worry that they couldn’t get her out in time. What’s worse, none of their tools seemed to work and they were running out of options. (Continue reading next page…)

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