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He Described Himself Before a Two-Way Mirror. What The Stranger on the Other Side Says Struck Me

What do strangers think of you?

When you look at the mirror, what do you see?

More often than not, we tend to focus on our flaws and imperfections. We struggle to spot what’s good about ourselves, but easily find what’s wrong.

In a viral social experiment conducted by BuzzFeed, a group of people were asked to describe themselves in front of the mirror. The catch is that it’s actually a two-way mirror and there were strangers watching them on the other side.

Interestingly, what these people saw as their weaknesses were perceived as strengths by the strangers observing them. This only proves that we are our own harshest critics. As a Dove campaign tagline puts it, “You are more beautiful than you think.”

After hearing how strangers see them, one of the participants had a stunning realization.

“You’re better than who you think you are. You’re enough just the way you are. So be kinder to yourself,” he said.

Watch the eye-opening mirror experiment below.

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Source: The Little Things


After Hearing the Story of a Baby Who Drowned, He Began Taking Underwater Photos of Babies.

Take a look at these adorable tots as they play underwater.


Seth Casteel used to capture amazing underwater photos of dogs and puppies. Now, the award-winning photographer is on a roll as he takes underwater pictures of cute babies for a cause: to encourage parents to teach their children how to swim at an early age.

After hearing the story of an 18-month-old baby who drowned in a pool despite the presence of 40 people during a family reunion, Casteel was inspired to create the photo book Underwater Babies. He released the photo book on April 7.

Casteel traveled across ten states and  took almost 10,000 photos of 750 babies as they take their first swimming lessons. The photographer successfully captured the playful, mischievous, and innocent faces of the little angels as they explored the underwater world....

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This Photo of Two Women Hugging Went Viral for a Reason You Wouldn’t Expect.

Now, that’s clever.


Nelson Felippe from Rio de Janeiro snapped a picture of a scene on a train platform. The said photo made the Internet explode hours after he posted it on Facebook.

In the photo that Felippe captured, two women hugging each other are seen in the foreground. A few bystanders are also seen further back, including a guy stepping beyond the yellow line. Disappointed by something that he saw in the photo, Felippe courageously expressed his thoughts on Facebook.


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This Couple Won the Lottery Twice, Beating the Odds of 283 BILLION to 1!

The lucky couple, David Long and his wife Kathleen MacKenzie, also won a new Jaguar car! What will they do with their winnings?


A British couple who won £1 million ($1.48 million) in the EuroMillions lottery in July 2013 beat the odds of 283 billion to 1, when they won another £1 million from the same lottery in March 2015 – just 20 months after their last win!

You may find this really unbelievable, but the lucky couple, David Long and his wife, Kathleen MacKenzie, also won a new Jaguar car!

What will they do with their winnings?...

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