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Miracle ‘Superman’ Twins Who Weighed 2Lbs At Birth Survive Against All Odds





Babies can be a lot tougher than most people think. A pair of twin boys have just proven that they can rise above all odds and survive anything. The infants, who were born prematurely at 27 weeks, are being dubbed “Superman twins” by their admirers.

Harry and Archie Finlay were born last September but the twins spent most of their early life in the hospital. Their mother Katie went into labor only six months into her pregnancy but managed to give birth naturally. However, the boys were immediately brought to intensive care because Archie had stopped breathing.

Harry was born weighing only 2lb 5oz while Archie was tiny at only 1lb 13oz but the twins valiantly fought for their lives.

Source: Katie Finlay

Katie and her husband Scott were certainly worried about their boys. The nurse from Galashiels, Scotland had already gone through previous heartbreaks.

“I’d already lost two babies through miscarriage in 2015, so it was amazing when we saw there were two heartbeats on the screen,” Mrs. Finlay said. “We felt so incredibly lucky.”

The boys are enjoying their new chance on life and are often photographed holding on to each other.

Source: Katie Finlay

Although Harry and Archie only weighed as much as a bag of sugar when they were born, the twins have grown strong and are in perfect health.

Said Mrs. Finlay:

“They may have had an early start in life, but they aren’t letting anything hold them back. They have such a strong bond between them.”

Harry currently weighs 24lbs while Archie has grown considerably at 21lbs.

Source: Katie Finlay

Their miraculous recovery is something that Harry and Archie’s parents are truly proud of. Mr. and Mrs. Finlay admit that they have given the twins a superhero nickname because of their sheer will to live.

“The boys have done incredibly well, we’re so proud of them. We dress them in their little Superman outfits and that’s exactly what they are. They have fought a massive battle for survival and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them home with us safely,” added Mrs. Finlay.

The boys will be celebrating their first birthday later this year.

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