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These 18 X-Ray Results Will Totally Boggle Your Mind Especially #13. So Embarrassing!





From time to time, we encounter different kinds of injuries. And they are just part of our normal walks of life. But what makes them unusual and shocking is seeing the actual X-ray photos of their injuries. Some are really just beyond imagination.

Here are 18 X-ray photos showing some of the strangest foreign objects some people inserted into their bodies. ENJOY!

#1. This woman swallowed 78 pieces of cutlery for unknown reasons.

X-ray 1

Photo credit: Imgur
#2. Apparently, aerosol cans are common objects found by doctors inside a patient’s rectum.

X-ray 2

Photo credit: Radiopaedia
#3. Speaking of a bad day, this person accidentally swallowed a cockroach and tried to pull it out with a fork. Unfortunately, he accidentally swallowed the fork.

X-ray 3

#4. A word of advice, don’t attempt to place a pair of scissors inside your mouth. Accidents happen.

X-ray 4

#5. A deodorant bottle was stocked inside a guy’s body. Find out which part?

X-ray 5

Photo credit: Radiopedia
#6. Someone tried to smuggle a cell phone into a big exam.

X-ray 6

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