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These 18 X-Ray Results Will Totally Boggle Your Mind Especially #13. So Embarrassing!

He denied inserting a bottle up his butt. Unfortunately, the X-Ray also reveals his failure to retrieve it.

Raff Santos





From time to time, we encounter different kinds of injuries. And they are just part of our normal walks of life. But what makes them unusual and shocking is seeing the actual X-ray photos of their injuries. Some are really just beyond imagination.

Here are 18 X-ray photos showing some of the strangest foreign objects some people inserted into their bodies. ENJOY!

#1. This woman swallowed 78 pieces of cutlery for unknown reasons.

X-ray 1

Photo credit: Imgur
#2. Apparently, aerosol cans are common objects found by doctors inside a patient’s rectum.

X-ray 2

Photo credit: Radiopaedia
#3. Speaking of a bad day, this person accidentally swallowed a cockroach and tried to pull it out with a fork. Unfortunately, he accidentally swallowed the fork.

X-ray 3

#4. A word of advice, don’t attempt to place a pair of scissors inside your mouth. Accidents happen.

X-ray 4

#5. A deodorant bottle was stocked inside a guy’s body. Find out which part?

X-ray 5

Photo credit: Radiopedia
#6. Someone tried to smuggle a cell phone into a big exam.

X-ray 6

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A Newborn Puppy was Abandoned and Left To Die… Amazingly, A Cat Saved His Life!

It’s unbelievable to see a cat do this…

Raff Santos



Noland, a pit bull puppy, was abandoned and has the smallest chance of survival without a mother to nurse him and keep him warm. Fortunately, Noland was brought to Cleveland Animal Protective League.

They decided to introduce the puppy to a cat named Lurlene who had just given birth to three kittens. The group didn't expect Lurlene to accept the puppy into her fold. But surprisingly, with so much delight, Lurlene treated Noland as one of her own.

This is really a great manifestation of cat’s exceptional love and care to other animals. The mother cat was very helpful for the survival of the puppy.

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Hardly Ever Seen: The Alien-Looking Megamouth Shark Washes Ashore in the Philippines.

This mysterious creature which can live up to 100 years old, was caught by fishermen in the Philippines.

Readers Submissions



The rare and rather strange-looking Megamouth Shark (Megachasma pelagios) was discovered in 1979 when one was hauled out of the ocean by a US Navy vessel. Before this time, scientists could not even confirm they existed. They live in the very depths of the sea and are rarely seen by the human eye. This one, however, somehow washed ashore on Pioduran, Albay, in the Philippines.

These round-headed creatures with an unbelievable 50 rows of tiny sharp teeth have so far been seen 15 times in the Philippines and a number of times in Japan as well. But overall, they have only ever been spotted about 66 times in the world.

Villagers used a stretcher and iron rods to carry the rare 15-foot (4.5-m) Megamouth shark.


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People From Across the World Hilariously Try to Replicate Australian Accent.

Cheddar May Hey Hoe?

Sara Martinez



People from across the world have been captured trying to replicate an authentic Australian term by traveler Kieran Murray during his six month continent-hopping holiday. Travelling through America, Europe and Asia, the young Australian man decided to make his holiday slightly more memorable by asking people he met to try and convincingly repeat after him, all the while filming their responses.

Despite how simple the term ‘G’Day Mate! How you going?’ is, people from across the world from Eastern Texas to Berlin struggle to come to terms with it and hilarity ensues when Kieren’s new friends attempt the phrase, certainly not without effort, but without any real results. Only a small handful come anywhere close to sounding authentically Australian.


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