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Doctors Earning $150,000 a Year, Quit Their Jobs to Start a Candle-Making Business

Now they’re earning twice their annual salary!

  • Jeeva and Suji Sanjeevan of Melbourne, Australia were former doctors who decided to heed the call of entrepreneurship.
  • In 2015, the couple embraced candle making and launched their own business, which they called Light & Glo.
  • The bold move has been totally worth it as now the couple is earning double their annual salary as medical professionals.

Jeeva and Suji Sanjeevan used to work as doctors and reaearchers. Together, the married couple from Melbourne, Australia made a combined yearly salary of $300,000.

After working in the healthcare industry for almost a decade, they eventually came up with the idea of leaving their jobs so they can start a small business – and it’s been a very rewarding experience for them.

From doctors to candle makers!

It was a major decision but the Sanjeevans never looked back. They established Light & Glo Designs Co. in 2015 after buying a candle kit worth $250. They’ve since built a reputation for their fragrant “boutique-style candles.”

Now they’re enjoying quality time with their growing family.

According to Suji, they’ve always been attracted to the flexibility that entrepreneurship offers, as opposed to the rigid routine of being healthcare professionals, especially because they are raising three sons together. They’ve always wanted to “forge (their) own destiny and spend more time with (the children).”

Running Light & Glo has made that possible and they’ve achieved even more.

Aside from increasing their annual income to a whooping $600,000, they’ve also received multiple recognitions in the industry, such as Optus’ Manufacturing Business of the Year and Wyndham’s Handmade Business Award, among others.

Besides, their candle making enterprise not only uses “ethically sourced wooden wicks” for their candles but they also work with American Express’ Shop Small project which encourages businesses to leave limited carbon footprint and to make donations to charities.

Despite the challenges they face daily as entrepreneurs, the Sanjeevans are determined to keep going.

“You need to consistently push yourself out of your comfort zone,” shared Suji. “The creative industries are constantly evolving, so there is the need to constantly keep up and innovate.”


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