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This Man Travels The World To Collect McDonald’s Burger Boxes





Serge Zaka is probably the world’s biggest McDonald’s fan. Besides, this guy from Lusignan, France doesn’t only eat at the popular fast food brand’s local branch – he travels the world and collects food boxes.

This 26-year-old man works as a climate researcher and he admits that visiting the Golden Arches is always a must for him whenever he has to go for out-of-country trips. He dines in them and takes the boxes home for his collection.

Currently, he has over 300 boxes in his possession. He still has a lot of work to do though since McDonald’s can be found in about 119 countries.

Twitter user and fast food lover Serge Zaka has a huge collection of over 300 McDonald’s food boxes.

mcdonalds fan box collector 3

Source: Serge Zaka
Serge works as a climate researcher and collects boxes as souvenirs of his overseas travels.

mcdonalds fan box collector 4

Source: Serge Zaka

Serge shares that he loves the fast food brand because it has unique offerings depending on the local culture where their stores are established.

He said:

“In France or Switzerland, for example, there are hamburgers to local cheeses. In India, the beef being sacred, the chain has expanded its range of vegetarian or chicken burgers.

“In Portugal, there is a soup section. In Quebec, it is forbidden to use English on the boxes.”

This McNuggets box with Arabic text translates to ‘an excellent source of happiness.’

mcdonalds fan box collector 1

Source: Serge Zaka
Some friends and family members bring him boxes from their out-of-country travels.

mcdonalds fan box collector 6

Source: Serge Zaka

Serge tweets photos of his boxes over at McDo_Collection and he’s now getting a lot of online attention because of it. In fact, he says he’s grateful for it because some friends and family now bring him boxes as they get home from travels.

McDonald’s store managers sometimes give him free boxes as he shows his credentials.

mcdonalds fan box collector 7

Source: Serge Zaka

Also, he says that there are instances when store managers give him free boxes as he shows them his credentials.

Currently, he wants to get the McRoyal Fan of Portugal, a World Cup limited edition.

mcdonalds fan box collector 5

Source: Serge Zaka

As of the moment, however, he’s still hoping to get old of Portugal’s McRoyal Fan, a limited edition from the last World Cup.

Once he completes his collection, he plans to have an exhibit so others can know more about McDonald’s unique products across the world.

Somebody get in touch with Ronald McDonald and tell him about this guy!

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