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Netizens On Twitter Are Sharing Their Favorite Public Statues And Its Absolutely Epic

#8 is too cool!

Aside from being awesome pieces of art and history, statues can be fun, too, as one of our previous posts have demonstrated. And now we’re seeing that all over again in a new craze over at Twitter.

It all began when Matt Pearce, who works as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, asked: “What are your favorite public statues?” Netizens, mostly from the United States, responded eagerly and shared photos of various sculptures which ranged from moving and thought-provoking, to funny and silly.

LA Times reporter Matt Pearce recently posed this interesting question on Twitter:

Source: Matt Pearce
#1. Ignatius J. Reilly in New Orleans

Source: Mike Faulk
#2. Now this one looks both scary and strange.

Source: Juan Pa
#3. What the hell?!

Source: Eric
#4. “This one in Montreal which has perplexed me for years.”

#5. The Angel of the Resurrection statue in Philly's 30th St Station. It commemorates the Pennsylvania Railroad employees who died in WWII.

#6. Ducklings in Boston public garden (which people dress up for holidays and other events).

Source: Bittersweet
#7. “Bliss Dance” a statue currently located in Las Vegas.

Source: Jason in WA
#8. "Expansion" in New York

Source: Art4Life
#9. “It looks like a dog standing on the Iron Throne. It's of Laika, the first animal to orbit Earth.”

Source: Aidan
#10. Charles La Trobe statue in Melbourne, Australia

#11. The iconic Abraham Lincoln memorial monument.

#12. Franklin D. Roosevelt and presidential pet Falla.

Source: Mark Potts
#13. “African Renaissance Man outside Dakar, Senegal is awesome.”

Source: Dusty
#14. On the border of China and Mongolia there's two dinosaurs kissing

Source: Dustin
#15. Jim Henson and Kermit at the University of Maryland

#16. This deer looks like it just obtained human intelligence and is at a loss of what to do with it.

Source: THE JZA
#17. And, of course, no list of awesome statues will be ever complete without the Statue of Liberty!

Source: AM Raab

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James’ creations are something that will please both your eyes and soul. From using dried twigs to rocks to even leaves, he is arranging materials into various forms of art. These include, but not limited to, circles, spirals, concentric shapes, and other detailed patterns. He regularly takes photographs of his works and uploads them on social media. This dude right here is definitely a man of art!

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