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30 People Who Proved Posing With Statues Can Actually Be Fun

#2 and #15 definitely made my day.

Mark Andrew





Some people would tell you that posing with a statue for a selfie can be boring. And then there are those who would tell you otherwise – namely the people whose photos appear below.

These folks have shown all of us that, yes, posing with a sculpture is actually a great idea as long as you do it right. With a little creativity, you will have some of your best social media-worthy photos as seen in this hilarious compilation.

Go scroll down below and steal some ideas from these awesome snaps:

#1. “Let’s do it right here, right now.”

#2. “You don’t underestimate me, buddy!”

#3. Not gonna lie, this made me laugh hard.

#4. Pretty sneaky…

#5. To shave or not to shave, that is the question!

#6. Such an adorable little girl.

#7. Insert Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” here.

#8. “Out of my way, Superman!”

#9. This is some strange technology…

#10. Thief spotted!

#11. This is what a divorce looks like.

#12. When your daddy’s new girlfriend hates you.

#13. “Noooooo!!!”

#14. Smile, Einstein!

#15. One naughty sculpture.

#16. “Not the balls! Not the balls!”

#17. Awwww, this is actually sweet!

#18. “I have no idea where to find that, ma’am. I mean I just stand here all day.”

#19. “Babe, please let me explain…”

#20. “I’m not playing any games with you, Spider-Man!”

#21. Staying in line.

#22. Shout all you want but you’re my meal now!

#23. “You’re coming home with me, boy. That’s enough drinking for today.”

#24. Yes, it’s that same statue in #11.

#25. When she sent you some nudes…

#26. “You’ve been bad so prepare your butt.”

#27. Lighting my fire, Liberty-style.

#28. Now this one’s actually impressive.

#29. This is heartwarming if you think about it.

#30. “Why did you eat at Burger King yesterday? You traitor!”

I don’t know about you but #2 and #15 definitely made my day.

Do you have any fun photos with sculptures? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below!

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20 Dumb Guys Who Totally Missed Obvious Hints From Flirty Girls

Funny and painfully cringe-worthy! I died at #9!

Mark Andrew



Sometimes girls find it extremely frustrating that some guys they like are so quick at quipping jokes and yet so slow at taking hints – no matter how obvious. This is perfectly demonstrated in the following examples below as shared and confessed by several Reddit netizens.

Needless to say, the stories are mostly hilarious and painfully cringe-worthy. To all the guys out there, do take notes from these experiences so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

#1. So sorry to hear that…

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16 Dumb People Who Are Absolutely Doing It Wrong

Too hilarious and too dumb! #8 is an epic fail.

Mark Andrew



We all know an epic fail when we spot one and so it usually doesn’t take too long for us to react to it. Most of the time, our immediate reaction is to whip our phones out and to take a photo so we can spread the laughter with our social media buddies.

In some cases, those photos go viral on the internet and so the fun gets spread across the globe. And when the images get compiled with other similar pictures, the laughter just multiplies and intensifies, making the world a better place at least for a few minutes for all of us.

So allow us to show you this Diply compilation of funny ‘epic fail’ photos of dumb people who are caught doing the wrong things in life.

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30 Funny Parents Who Trolled Their Kids on Facebook

#11 is too savage!

Mark Andrew



If you’re planning on doing some bragging online, here’s a warning for you – make sure that you aren’t Facebook friends with your parents. Or at least, do some magic on the settings so that they don’t see your posts.

Why, you ask? Well, the answer is obvious. Just take a look at the following screenshots below and you will easily realize the dire consequences of being careless. These merciless parents trolled, burned, and embarrassed their kids in front of everyone by dishing out some nasty quips. They definitely got us laughing really hard!

Go scroll down and take a look.

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