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Loyal Dog Escapes Train, Walks 125 Miles To Return To Owner Who Abandoned Her

She braved the Russian wilderness, which is riddled with wolves and bears.





  • Maru was given up by her owner, who’s allergic to her
  • She was put on the Trans-Siberian train so she will be sent back to where she came from
  • The poor canine sustained injuries during her quest.

Dogs have proven time and again that they can be loyal to owners, even though some never receive the love they deserve. Maru is one of them. This one-year-old Bullmastiff dared to jump off the Trans-Siberian train, on which her owner put her in to send her back to where she came from.

Maru’s new owner claimed she was allergic to the canine and so she rejected her. But the spirited Maru, desperately wanting to be with his owner again, braved the Russian forests.

The owner didn’t want to have anything to do with this poor doggo.
Maru was sent on board the Trans-Siberian train.

Despite the rejection, Maru still longed for his owner so he escaped the train, which was headed for Novosibirsk, when it made a stop at Achinsk. The dog opened the compartment door with its paws, dashed out and went on his quest to return to the person who gave her up.

It didn’t matter if the wilderness is riddled with wolves and bears, Maru had to do it. Train staff said Maru may have been scared of the sound of the train and panicked, which made her escape.

Train personnel went looking for her but she couldn’t be found. Alla Morozova, owner of the kennel where Maru was born, organized a searched to help locate the lost dog. She even posted on social media to get more information.

Maru traveled 125 miles eastward through the wilderness to return to her owner.

Two and a half days later, she was found, exhausted and her paws wounded, at an area near her home. Alla told reporters that Maru appeared teary-eyed.

The poor pup fell down the railway embankment in Krasnoyarsk, before she was found and rescued. Morozova told reporters that Maru looked very tired and had multiple injuries.

Her paws were broken and she couldn’t walk. Her paw pads were also damaged; her muzzle, broken. While she sustained injuries, it was still fortunate for Maru to be found alive and escape the possibility of being a bear or wolf’s meal.

Morozova was impressed and amazed by the fact that Maru knew where she was going.
If it weren’t for her injuries, Maru may have successfully reached her owner’s house.
Maru was reunited with her original family.

The kennel owner said:

“I’m sure that she was looking for her house. Dogs are very attached to people. She did not run to Novosibirsk – she wanted to go back where she lived.”

Morozova also said she was angry at Maru’s owner for refusing to help with her search. Maru is now back in the kennel together with her mother and father.

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