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Mountain Bike Trials Legend Was Paralyzed From the Waist Down. Watch Him Ride Again!





41-year-old Martyn Ashton is  often described as an international mountain bike trials legend. A former British and World Champion, stunt rider, and star of the Road Bike Party YouTube sensation, this remarkable man is a perfect example of what we can achieve if we work hard and if we are passionate in what we do.

The stunts he used to perform were death-defying. And even when he sustained a back injury in 2003, he never gave up on his dream. He rode again and even established a team that would help support young riders.

However, he suffered a more severe injury last September 2013. Martyn fell off a 10-foot-high bar and hit the ground with such tremendous force that dislocated his T9 and T10 vertebrae.

That accident left Martyn paralyzed from the waist down.

But this man still shows such strong spirit, determination, and great love for what he does. And with a perfect mountain bike trail, momentum, and amazing family and friends,  Martyn Ashton rides again.

Watch him get back on track:

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This guy is an inspiration not just to those aspiring mountain bike trial riders,  but to all of us who are facing tragedies in life.

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