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Cyclist Beats Red Light and Gets Mad At Motorist That Hit Him

This is why no one should try to beat the red light.

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  • A viral CCTV footage shows a man pedaling  across a six-lane junction, beating the red light in the province of Cebu, Philippines last October 18.
  • The cyclist was knocked down by a motorcycle, and allegedly blamed the couple on the motorbike that hit him.
  • Fortunately, no one was seriously injured from the incident.

A 37-second-long CCTV footage shows a cyclist who ignored the red light and still tried to cross the six-lane junction of Cebu South Coastal Road and Bacaltos Street on October 18.

The man, who was not even wearing any type of protective gear, can be seen hurriedly turning left on the wide intersection. Somehow, he slowed down in the middle, presumably realizing the danger of his mistake. However, he was already heading straight into the cars pulling away from the opposite lane.

Fortunately, the cars and the motorbikes also had yet to gain momentum as the traffic light turned green. The cyclist was able to steer clear of the approaching white van, but was knocked on the ground by a motorbike on its left. The couple riding the motorcycle also fell down due to the collision.

Apart from a few scratches on the both vehicles caused by skidding along the concrete road, no one was seriously injured.

However, according to Liveleak, the man instead blamed the couple riding the motorbike that hit him. The incident resulted in slow traffic on the area for about 30 minutes. It went back to normal as all those involved immediately left the scene.

“We will investigate the identities of those involved in the collision and interview them. No one filed a complaint in the government office so we saw the video later while reviewing the CCTVs,” a traffic official said.

Local authorities also emphasized that ‘cyclists are not exempted from following traffic rules in their city.’

Watch the footage here:

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