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Popular Band Crashes Some Weddings. Newlyweds were Shocked. Brides Went Crazy. OMG!





Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a couple, especially to the bride. That is why wedding plans are made ahead to make sure that this very important day is a success and everything goes smoothly according to plan.

Now what if something uncalled for happen? What if a few men came in uninvited at your wedding reception? Some might have a panic attack especially the bride but these couples in the video patiently waited until the curtain fell in front of them and voila, it’s Maroon 5 in the flesh!

Unexpected, yes but if you are to watch this video of Maroon 5 crashing some weddings in LA then maybe you’ll wish it was your own wedding. In fact, I have been a fan for many years too, from their first song to singing “Sunday Morning” in karaokes until this new hit single “Sugar.” Who wouldn’t love them?

I’m sure these brides totally love them and their grooms are just as happy looking at them while dancing with the band’s music and Adam Levine singing. Everyone was shocked at what they thought was the usual wedding band turned out to be a great surprise for the couples, their families and guests.

This is definitely one memorable day worth telling your grandchildren. The thing is they’re not just some band, they’re Maroon 5!

Watch the Awesome Video:

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Disclaimer: It’s unclear whether these were all staged or actual, real weddings that they crashed, but either way it’s super adorable.

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