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Bride Slammed Online for Demanding Her 9 Bridesmaids to Spend $850 on Dresses

…Plus an overseas bachelorette party that THEY are supposed to pay for.

  • Aside from expensive dresses, the bride wanted custom swimwear, custom robes…and an overseas bachelorette party that the bridesmaids are supposed to pay for.
  • She also wanted a bridal shower in which the guests would contribute for the expenses.
  • None of the bridesmaids replied to the bride’s group message.

Stories of bridezillas seem to be getting worse as time goes by. It seems that there are brides who think they can get away with an unbelievable sense of self-entitlement and justify their bad behavior just because of her special day.

The latest to this horror tales is of an anonymous bride who has supposedly demanded that her nine bridesmaids spend $850 on dresses, just for her wedding and the other occasions connected to it.

The bride, who is believed to be Australian, gave her bridesmaids a long list of costs that they should save up for.

She reportedly wanted custom bathing suits and custom robes, along with the pricey dresses.

“I want to do custom robes for the special day – the robes are $25-a-piece,” she said.

“As for the bridesmaid dresses it looks like the price will run between $700-$850.”

She also wanted her bridesmaids to fork over cash for an overseas bachelorette party. She also wanted her guests to contribute to her bridal shower.

In her group message to the girls, she said, “Some of the ladies have suggested a few places like Jamaica, Spain and Costa Rica so start thinking of places.”

She advised her bridesmaids to start saving for the big expenses ahead.

She advised putting together a $100 deposit, which eventually went higher when she factored in the costs of the dress designer, hair stylist, and make-up artist.

“Just start SAVING!” she reminded them.

She reminded the girls that the message was only for “information purposes.”

But apparently, the bridesmaids are amused with the whole idea. It was reported that none of the girls replied immediately to the bride’s group message.

One of the bridesmaids also leaked the bride’s text message to a wedding shaming Facebook group.

The reactions were predictably savage.

“I spit my drink at $700 bridesmaid dresses,” a comment said.

“If your friend is in the wedding party – tell her to back away – NOW,” said another.


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