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Man Publicly Proposes On A Boat, Gets Rejected As Woman Nonchalantly Tosses Ring Aside





A man’s public marriage proposal on a boat went terribly wrong after the woman decided to throw the ring away and leave him heartbroken.

One courageous man in Hubei never thought that his romantic proposal would horribly fail. After all, the romantic guy showed up in front of a hospital riding an SUV towing boat. Holding a bouquet of flowers, the man climbed up on the boat and shouted into a megaphone “XXX I love you! Please forgive me!”

This man is pretty confident he’ll persuade the love of his life to say yes.


Photo credit: Shanghaiist

Moments later, a woman emerged from the hospital and climbed up on the boat.
Like a scene from a romantic movie, the man pulled out a ring and popped the question. Everything seemed perfect until the woman casually threw the ring away and returned back to the ward.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the woman casually threw the ring away and returned back to the ward.


Photo credit: Shanghaiist

Unfortunately, a large crowd of people who witnessed the embarrassing moment took photos of the incident which quickly spread like wildfire on the Internet.

As for the heartbroken man, he had no choice but to leave the scene and perhaps rethink what really went wrong with his grand proposal.


Photo credit: Shanghaiist
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