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Man Wins Almost $2M Lottery Jackpot But Didn’t Realize Until 5 Months Later

Luck, late or not, is still luck!

Vincent Alocada





One man got lucky in a lottery but did not realize it until five months later. However, as an adage goes, better late than never. An incognito man from Colorado did not realize he has won almost $2 million in the lottery late last year. While he bought the winning ticket on Nov. 18, 2017, it was only recently he found out that he had actually won.

According to the man, while he heard that someone had won the jackpot on the said draw date, it never occurred to him that it was his number combination that actually won. The unnamed lottery winner explained that he did not take his winning ticket to the store to be checked until this month, April 2018, because he prefers to have as many lottery tickets to scan at once. When he finally did, the scanning machine prompted him to claim his winnings at a lottery.

The man had the surprise of his life when he learned he won $1,996,761.

But he did not know he hit the jackpot in November 2017 and only found out five months after.

“I immediately logged into the mobile app and checked my numbers for that date. I was completely stunned,” the mysterious lucky guy said.

Lottery winners in the United States have two choices in claiming their money: Lump sum or annuity. In the event that a winner chooses lump sum, he will receive a one-time payment after all the taxes have been deducted from the winnings.

Annuity, on the other hand, enables winners to receive their money in a stream of periodic disbursements from an account created by their state lottery commission over a period of 30 years. The winner from Colorado opted to be paid in lump sum.

The man didn’t really receive the sum of $1,996,761.

As the Colorado man chose to be paid in lump sum, he was only able to collect $983,380 from his $1,996,761 winnings due to tax deductions. Nonetheless, there is no denying that the money is still a big amount that can be used in more ways than one.

He said that he intends to pay some bills, save for his retirement, and use his winnings for some forms of enjoyment.

Now, talk about luck coming late.

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Man Creates Fake Tinder Profile To Prove That Women Easily Go For Creepy Hot Dudes

With a face like that, he didn’t even try hard.

Jessa Barbosa



Many people agree that looks aren't everything but one man conducted a social experiment on Tinder t to prove that it is. The bodybuilding enthusiast, only known by his forum name GermanLifter, created a troll account on the dating app to show how uber attractive men get girls easily -- and it doesn't even matter if they say creepy things.

For the experiment, he used pictures of the guy from the "Call Me Maybe" music video to hook up with women. To his surprise, it was so easy and he didn't even try hard. It doesn't even matter if he says dirty things as his introduction - girls just dig him.

The main profile showed the model's beautiful hair and great teeth.

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Transgender Woman Now In A Relationship With Guy Who Rejected Her When She Was A Man

Aaron Anderson may have been turned down by his crush, Jared. But Erin won’t have any of it.

Jessa Barbosa



Erin Anderson is a 22-year-old from Owensboro, Kentucky. She was a man who once approached his crush, 28-year-old computer science student Jared Norris, with a message on Facebook. “While still living as a boy, I messaged Jared on Facebook saying, “Hey, what’s up,” she shared in an interview.

“I knew of him and added him on Facebook because he was cute. But he was having no part of it and didn’t seem interested at all, so I decided not to try anymore with him.” Erin was basically shut down at that point.

Erin Anderson was born male as Aaron.

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“I’m a Millionaire, Google Me” Footballer Tells Police After Being Caught Drunk Driving

He showed no remorse for what he had been arrested for.

Mark Andrew



In many countries, driving under the influence is against the law. Besides, it is one of the leading causes of accidents and traffic-related deaths across the globe so it’s really a serious offense.

However, when one English football player was apprehended for drunk-driving, he felt it would be a good time to remind the police about his fame and fortune. Talk about arrogance of unbelievable levels!

James Hurst, former Birmingham City and West Bromwich Albion player, was caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

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