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Man Shares 30 Of The Coolest Things He Found On Google Earth

#18 is very interesting.






Google Earth is used when you want to explore rich geographical content, see maps, landscapes, 3D buildings or even view satellite images from galaxies in outer space. It also lets you search the whole planet within seconds from the comfort of your own room.

A geologist from New Orleans named Will considers exploring Google Earth as one of his hobbies because he spends a lot of time searching various areas and taking screenshots of the coolest things that he finds. Here are 30 of his interesting findings.

#1 Pearl Harbor

#2 Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia

#3 Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA)

Will noted that this one is his favorite.

#4 Great Lakes

#5 Wadden Sea of Denmark

#6 Wadden Sea of Denmark, different angle.

#7 Great Rift Valley in Tanzania

#8 Alpine glaciers, SE Alaska

#9 Normandy beach

#10 SE Alaska

#11 Amsterdam

#12 Canadian Shield

#13 West Texas

#14 Tombigbee River in Alabama (USA).

#15 Netherlands

#16 William River

#17 Great Rift Valley

#18 Fort Morgan

#19 German battleship, Tirpitz

#20 Pointe du Hoc, Normandy

#21 Iran

#22 Germany

#23 Brazil

#24 Douglas, Arizona

#25 Island in Penobscot Bay, Maine, USA

#26 Ontario, CA

#27 Punjab province of India

#28 Ayyakum Lake, Tibe

#29 The Rio Grande River

#30 A sugarcane field in south Louisiana, USA.

Will, who posts under the name geologistsmakethebedrock, said:

“I really like to peruse Google Earth looking for cool things. My captions either come from basic internet research of my guess about what’s happening. Keep in mind that they are just my interpretations of things and could be wrong.”

He shared that it all started when he tried looking for interesting geological processes for a lecture presentation. After seeing these amazing shots, he screenshots them. Since he finds the images so cool, he decided to share them online and shared some explanations, so readers would understand it.

Will added:

“One tip to find interesting geology things is to look for symmetry or patterns in landscapes. Most symmetry is from human activates, but certain geologic processes can great semi-symmetry.”


Italian Sculptor Created Masterpiece From A Single Slab Of Marble In Just 7 Years

Francesco Queirolo was the only artist who was brave enough to take on the difficult task.

Nobelle Borines



There is little doubt that artists who worked with marble during the 18th century were true geniuses. However, one Italian sculptor stands out among the rest. When the Prince of Sansavero ordered the creation of a challenging piece from a single slab of marble, most artists declined due to its complexity. However, one man took on the challenge and completed the masterpiece in just seven years.

Francesco Queirolo was a sculptor from Genoa who was active in Rome and Naples during the Rococo period. The Italian artist created several amazing works. However, he is best known for the masterpiece he made for Raimondo di Sangro, Prince of Sansevero. The prince asked Queirolo to work on a monument to Raimondo's father. The artist obliged and created the famed Il Disinganno of Cappella Sansevero.

Queirolo worked on the masterpiece for seven years.

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Man Cuts One Hour Commute To Six Minutes By Paddling Across The River Going To Work

Well, that’s one innovative alternative.




A man in south-west China has decided to beat the rush hour commute by paddleboarding across a river to get to work. Liu Fucao crosses the Yangtze River every single day to reach his office, which is located in the district of Wanzhou, Chongqing.

The 29-year-old’s office is on the opposite side of the river bank from where he lives. If he will do the normal way, it will take him an hour to reach his destination. Now, it takes only him six minutes to reach his work using a  paddleboard.

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MMA Fighter Claims Bruce Lee’s Martial Arts “Doesn’t Show Any Combat Abilities”

Think Bruce Lee is the “greatest fighter ever”? This man is not impressed!

Mark Andrew



Bruce Lee wasn't only a popular Hollywood action star and a martial artist back in the days. Fast forward to the present, Lee is considered by many as "the greatest fighter ever" and even Dana White, president of UFC, called him as "the father of mixed martial arts."

During Lee's time, MMA didn't exist yet but he shunned traditional martial arts and created his own he called Jeet Kune Do, a hybrid philosophy that literally means "the way of the intercepting fist" in Cantonese. His goal, according to him, was to simplify and get rid of the “fancy mess that distorts and cramps their practitioners and distracts them from the actual reality of combat”.

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