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Man Says Future Wife Needs To Quit Her Job To Become His ‘Slave’





There are so many understandable reasons why people quit their jobs. Some do when they find better opportunities or decide to become stay-at-home parents. There are also those who have to deal with health concerns, and other valid reasons.

However, one man believes that his future wife should quit her job simply because that’s exactly what he wants. Obviously, this guy still seems stuck in the days when women had no other choice but to become housewives.

Twitter user P.U Jamal posted a series of tweets talking about his expectations regarding his future wife.

He wrote:

“To my future wife, it’s great if you’re a doctor or engineer while we’re dating. But once we get married, your career ends there. Hell no, I’m not having a wife who works.”

He then noted that he still wants a girlfriend who has a degree, but she should forget about pursing it after they’re married. The man then ended his post with, “You are not only my wife but my slave. Follow your master’s instructions or burn in hell.”

While everyone has a right to have their own opinion, many think that this man is just being ridiculous. Besides, what’s the point of working hard to earn a degree and not use it in the future, right?

Whether the man was being serious or not, many believed he was just looking for attention. And unfortunately for him, the tweet didn’t work to his advantage.

One unimpressed netizen was clearly disgusted with his post and left comments on his tweet:

“Fact: Men are afraid of women, period. Men are afraid of successful women. They think they are superior, the chosen one to lead.

Reality check. You are not special just because you were born with a pe nis, my dear brothers.”

And that, my friends, is how you burn a troll.

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