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Middle-Aged Man Robs 7-Eleven Store While Pretending That His Hand Is A Gun





Is this the most ridiculous robbery story ever or what? As seen on the CCTV footage below, a man successfully robbed a 7-Eleven store on El Segundo Boulevard at Figueroa Street in California, United States. His weapon of choice? Well, his hand – which he pretended was a gun!

Source: youtube

Reports confirm that he managed to steal $300 from the convenience store using his absurd weapon. At the start of the video, we see him standing by the counter with his right hand in his pocket.

He later began threatening the staff, saying:

“Take out the cash and put it there now. All the cash, over here, put it right here. All of it or you will be shot.”

When the employees hesitated, the suspect then placed his right hand under his shirt, pretending he has a gun and started shouting:

“Take out the f***ing money!”

With his ‘weapon’ still under his blue shirt, he jumped onto the counter.

Source: youtube
He angrily asks them, “Motherf***er, do you wanna get shot?”

Source: youtube

Eventually, he makes an exit and tells the staff, “Alright, the rest is yours, go on.”

Sounds truly unbelievable, right? Well, that’s exactly how everything happened.

You can watch the video here:

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As of the moment, the suspect’s identity remains unknown and the Los Angeles Police Department are asking the public to contact them if they know him.

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