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Middle-Aged Man Robs 7-Eleven Store While Pretending That His Hand Is A Gun

Well this is just ridiculous!


Is this the most ridiculous robbery story ever or what? As seen on the CCTV footage below, a man successfully robbed a 7-Eleven store on El Segundo Boulevard at Figueroa Street in California, United States. His weapon of choice? Well, his hand – which he pretended was a gun!

Source: youtube

Reports confirm that he managed to steal $300 from the convenience store using his absurd weapon. At the start of the video, we see him standing by the counter with his right hand in his pocket.

He later began threatening the staff, saying:

“Take out the cash and put it there now. All the cash, over here, put it right here. All of it or you will be shot.”

When the employees hesitated, the suspect then placed his right hand under his shirt, pretending he has a gun and started shouting:

“Take out the f***ing money!”

With his ‘weapon’ still under his blue shirt, he jumped onto the counter.

Source: youtube
He angrily asks them, “Motherf***er, do you wanna get shot?”

Source: youtube

Eventually, he makes an exit and tells the staff, “Alright, the rest is yours, go on.”

Sounds truly unbelievable, right? Well, that’s exactly how everything happened.

You can watch the video here:

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As of the moment, the suspect’s identity remains unknown and the Los Angeles Police Department are asking the public to contact them if they know him.


Fisherman Accidentally Gets His Head Pierced By A Metal Spear In Brutal Injury

Warning: graphic content.

After going on a spearfishing trip in North America, this guy ended up having a large metal spear piercing through both sides of his face following a horrific accident. And man! Judging by the photo alone, we can all tell he is in great pain!

The gruesome image, taken at a hospital room, went viral on social media after several news outlets picked up on the poor fisherman’s story.

The circumstances and the exact spot of the accident remains unknown as of this writing but according to a report by the Daily Mail, it is “believed” that the incident took place “while on a diving trip somewhere off the coast of the Bahamas” and despite the fishing trip gone wrong, he can still be considered lucky – because he somehow survived it.

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11 People Who Regret Their Hilarious Online Shopping Fails

These people regret what they bought online, but it got us laughing out loud!

While online shopping can be very convenient, there are some obvious downsides to it as well. One is the security of your purchase since hackers and phishers are always lurking in every corner of the web. Another disadvantage is the fact that you haven’t actually seen or touched the product in person.

You know how impulsive buying can get you in trouble in the real world? Well, it also works in the virtual world. So before clicking that buy or add to cart icon, you might want to check out these hilarious mistakes some online shoppers made and avoid breaking your heart in disappointment because of your purchase.

1. The look in this cat’s face is sheer disappointment.

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11 People Who Suck At Their Jobs and Should Be Fired Immediately

A collection of people you should never ever hire!

Let’s face it. Not everyone is good at his or her job. Sometimes, we struggle to meet deadlines or to please an angry customer. During our first day on the job, we might have made a few errors here and there. We make trivial mistakes and learn from it.

However, some people take it to the next level by completely ignoring common sense. How much is a mistake forgivable? We compiled a list of epic fails done by some employees. It could either give you a face palm moment or make you laugh your ass out.

1. Whoever was the bin-filler here clearly had different ideas about success.

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