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Desperate Man ‘Roasts’ Himself Alive to Kill Deadly Cancer Cells

Life is beautiful that is why we do not want it to fade too soon.

Inah Garcia





When an individual is stricken with a fatal disease, the entire universe seems to collapse right before one’s eyes. Life is short and it is inevitable to die but just the thought of it makes one wants to cringe as no one’s ever gonna be ready to go, particularly if one receives the news of their nearing death through a terminal medical disease.

Jia Binhui, 25, was diagnosed with leukemia in 2013. He underwent a bone marrow operation transplant costing $80,000, which was paid through donors, but it was unsuccessful; now, he needs to undergo further treatments but cannot afford to pay anymore. So, he tried this unconventional method of “removing” the cancer cells in his blood.

Jia then gathered different types of dust, twigs and branches and burned them until it created a fire.


He waited for the coals to burn and the fire to flame large enough.

Killing Cancer

This is the entire setup Jia made to supposedly remove his cancer cells.


“They say experts believe a temperature higher than 42 degrees Celsius can kill cancer cells, so I set up a contraption in my backyard to try.” said Binhui.


Experts also said that this may be done in water but Jia said it is hard to maintain the temperature of water at 42 degrees hence, he opted to perform this method.


Jia recently married Liu Yuan, and he wanted to live for as long as possible for his wife.


Jia plans to have himself checked in a hospital to see if there had been changes in his body composition after performing the nontraditional measure.

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This is One of the Most Haunted and Sinister Islands on Earth and One Man Wants to Live Here.

It’s located on an uninhabited island off the treacherous coast of France and has a reputation for sending people mad.




This isolated lighthouse called Tevennec, which stands on an uninhabited island in the coast of France, has been known to make its past occupants mad. So why is this man willing to spend 60 days living here?

Marc Pointud is the founder of the National Society for Heritage, Lighthouses, and Beacons, which aims to preserve the lost lighthouses in the country. He plans to live in the lighthouse for around two months, all by himself. Now this lighthouse has become infamous because of the stories about former lightkeepers losing their minds during their stay. It is also plagued with ghost stories and tales of mysterious deaths.

Tevennec has been around since 1875 and legend says that the first guard went completely insane.


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Woman Honks and Screams at Him For Stopping on a Yellow Light. Moments After? Priceless!

Actions speak louder than words. This was a priceless message.

Inah Garcia



Actions speak louder than words. More than hearing words of kindness and good deeds from a person's mouth, it is how he/ she acts that matters the most. Integrity, as they say, is doing good things even if no one is watching. Sadly, not all people are able to practice this value and employ this practice in daily living. We may go to church every day, endow our house with photos of saints and speak as if we are the most righteous person on the planet, but if our actions do not reflect how we present our image, then people would easily recognize who the hypocrites are.

In this story we found, we are reminded to watch our actions and be mindful of how we live our beliefs. We are not against or in favor of any religion or faith, but we think this story conveys a general message of correct interaction amongst our peers and even strangers, in the midst of public frustration.

Here is the short story:


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Father Fined with $7800 for Parental Services After Reuniting with Long-lost Daughter.

Social services didn’t contact him because “they didn’t have his birth date”.

Ann Moises



Montreal, Quebec---Dean Harper got separated from his daughter, Athena Glusing when he and his wife broke up. His wife wouldn't let him see her and he wasn't even told that she had plans of moving away. Athena was only two years old then.

The estranged father constantly searched for his daughter for 16 years. Until he was finally able to locate her through social media.

It was such a nerve-racking moment for him to approach his daughter again for the first time. He said, "My heart was pounding like you wouldn't believe. I thought for sure Athena could hear my heart pounding."

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