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Man Rents Giant Billboard To Break Up With Cheating Girlfriend





Breakups are never easy to handle. While some relationships see a cordial ending, the bitter ones leave an unfortunate impression. In fact, a man from Indonesia man took his heartbreak to an entirely different level.

Apparently, the guy discovered that his girlfriend has been cheating on him. But instead of just cutting all communications with her, tear up all her sweet letters, delete and block her on social media, he chose to leave her with a bang.

The brokenhearted man rented out a billboard on a busy street to announce his breakup with his unfaithful girlfriend.

Clip of the incident went viral on social media where the couple can be seen in an argument, with the big billboard spotted in the background. Its text read:

“You have broken my heart. You cheated on me. I want to break up.”

In the 15-second clip, the man and the girlfriend can be seen engaging in a heated argument near a busy road crossing. It may appear like an ordinary lovers quarrel at first, but when the camera pans over to a billboard with the woman’s face on it that came with a breakup message, it quickly became clear that it was definitely more than just a usual argument.

A man in a blue shirt then approaches the couple and tries to console them.

Apart from the billboard, the man also announced his breakup on a megaphone.

While it is understandable for someone to get hurt when their heart is broken, many were shocked that the man did this just to break up with his girlfriend.

Some users lauded the man for savagely ending his relationship, believing that the cheating girlfriend deserved every bit of embarrassment. However, a large number of people thought that the incident was a little bit too extreme and called the entire act a “publicity stunt.”

The user assured everyone that it was a real incident and not a fake one.

Watch the video here:

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