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Man Hires Female Escort For Two Hours To Help Him Move House





When a female escort is hired, most of us know what it’s all about and what’s going to happen. But as we can learn below, there are times when a client asks for something so unusual it just shocks the escort and the whole internet.

A woman who works as an escort took it upon herself to complain on social media about a man who hired her for a couple of hours made her do something no previous client has ever asked for before. You see, instead of asking for the usual service that she offers, the man made her pack his stuff as he prepares to move out of his house!

The woman, who is known as “Miyuna” on Twitter, shared her dismay after being requested for two hours to perform a service escorts are typically not asked to do.

Apparently Miyuna arrived at the customer’s place for a two-hour package and so she wore something nice for the occasion. Much to her dismay, however, the man had something different thing in mind to ask from her.

We can only imagine Miyuna’s shock and surprise when he told her all about it!

Miyuna wrote:

“Other than me, has anyone else encountered a client who asked for a two-hour service at their house but actually just needed a someone to help them move house?”

Most of us would probably think that would never happen and yet, here we are.

Well as it turns out, she’s not the only one who has had this bizarre experience. A few others chimed in with their odd encounters and said that they’ve also encountered similar scenarios in the past.

According to another escort, a man also hired her for three hours by to help pack up his things to move out of his home.

They finished up a bit earlier than expected and so he asked for something else – they did some house cleaning together. After that, he took her for a nice meal.

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