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Man Hires Female Escort For Two Hours To Help Him Move House

It was definitely a service she would never forget.

When a female escort is hired, most of us know what it’s all about, what’s going to happen, and what service she’s offering. With all the things that a female escort can do to make the person who hired her happy, one man had a different idea in mind.

A woman who works as an escort complained on social media after a man who hired her for two hours made her do a rather unusual service. You see, instead of asking for the usual service that she offers, the man made her pack his things to help him move out of his house!

The woman, who goes by the Twitter handle “Miyuna” took to the popular social media platform to express her anger after being requested for two hours to perform a service escorts are typically not asked to do.

According to a report, Miyuna arrived at one of her customers’ house for a two-hour package. Knowing that most users who request her services usually want to partake in adult activities, she was dressed up nicely.

However, Miyuna got the shock of her life when the client wanted something else. A service that no one had ever requested from her before — a home moving service!

Miyuna wrote:

“Other than me, has anyone else encountered a client who asked for a two-hour service at their house but actually just needed a someone to help them move house?”

You’d be thinking, probably not. But there are, actually.

As it turns out, she’s not the only one who had this bizarre experience. A few others chimed in with their odd encounter and said that they experienced a similar situation.

One woman even shared that she was hired for three hours by a man who also wanted help to pack up his belongings to move out of his house.

She said:

“After that, there was still time to clean up the house a bit, and he even treated me to a meal.”


Baby Desperately Tries To Take A Bite From Mom’s Burrito

This funny video has gained millions of views on social media!

The transition to solid foods is a milestone in every baby’s life but a lot of new parents wonder how they’ll know when their baby is ready to start with solids. What are the signs?

For one mom, the sign was pretty clear. Her little one was given approval by her doctor to start eating solid foods if she showed an interest and she firmly proved to her mom that she’s ready for it by desperately trying to take a bite from her burrito.


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Surfers Catch Waves During Polar Vortex And The Results Are Way Too Cool

These photos give a new meaning to the term “cool as ice”!

There is little doubt that surfers are always down to catch a few waves whenever the weather permits it. However, a couple of true daredevils decided to brave the recent polar vortex. The results are truly breathtaking and downright icy cool photos.

Photographer Devon Hains recently joined legendary surfers Daniel Schetter aka Surfer Dan and Allen Finau on a cool adventure. All three decided to head for Presque Isle Park in Marquette, Michigan on Lake Superior in the middle of the polar vortex. Surfer Dan and Finau put on some heavy-duty wetsuits and took to the waves while Hains took pictures. Not surprisingly, the images Hains took revealed what would happen if you go swimming in freezing temperatures.

Finau paddling his surfboard and trying to start a new trend: icicle beards.


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Woman Discovers Pet ‘Dog’ Is Actually A 100-KG Black Bear

“It can eat a full box of fruits and two buckets of noodles a day.”

It's not every day you see a dog walking on hind legs with an incredible appetite. For one family, however, that's exactly what their Tibetan mastiff started doing, sparking some serious questions.

A woman in south-west China was shocked to find out the dog she has been raising for two years was an endangered black bear. Su Yun bought a black puppy, thought to be a Tibetan Mastiff, during a vacation two years ago until she found out the pooch, named Little Black, turned out to be a huge black bear.


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