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Malaysian Man Faces Criticism After Spending Thousands To Look Like Anime Character

“Please try to understand my situation and stop dehumanizing and cursing me. It is very stressful.”






People who are into anime either binge-watch their favorite film or movie, join a competition involving a favorite franchise, go to a cosplay and meet other anime-loving people or collect action figures and comic books. But for some people, these are not enough and they just have to spend thousands of dollars to look like their favorite anime characters.

Twenty-one-year-old Amirul Rizwan Musa from Keterah, Kelantan is Final Fantasy fan, but is even a bigger fan of one of its characters, Squall Leonhart. He’s a beauty entrepreneur but he’s not happy with his dark skin and pimple-scarred face, so he decided to spend RM180,000 (equivalent to almost $42,000) just to look like Squall, reports stated.

According to different news outlets, Musa, who’s also known on social media as Miyyo Rizone, underwent two plastic surgeries that started in 2014. He was 17 at the time of his first surgery. The second procedure was done last year. He became a viral sensation after his photos surfaced online. At the same time, he also received hateful comments from critics who thought that he set a bad example for the youth.

Amirul Rizwan Musa a.k.a. Miyyo Rizone is a 21-year-old beauty entrepreneur.

Miyyo went through different surgeries to look like his favorite character from Final Fantasy, Squall Leonhart.

This is Squall Leonhart.

Miyyo was only 17 when he first went under the knife.

Now, he is being criticized by the public for having plastic surgery.

In a Harian Metro feature, we learn that Musa told the Malaysian Digest:

“People have come up to me in public and insulted me in my face. I have received this kind of backlash both online and in the streets, in Kelantan and Kuala Lumpur.”

People online were not the only ones who criticized the now-21-year-old Miyyo for going through the knife. He also had to endure nasty comments from his siblings. However, his parents have accepted him for what he did, he said.

The backlash from social media continued that it also had a negative impact on his business. Miyyo said that some of his customers stopped making transactions with him after he had changed his appearance.

But for Miyyo, getting plastic surgery to look like his favorite anime character is not something that he intentionally did to encourage young people. He said,

“After I contracted chicken pox when I was 16, my skin condition deteriorated and my self-esteem took a plunge. I was obsessed with anime characters and I felt ashamed that I looked the way I did back then so I decided to undergo plastic surgery to boost my confidenc.”

Miyyo says his intention is not to encourage people to go for plastic surgery…

But he changed his looks because he once had low self-esteem.

Miyyo is now tired and stressed out from all the public scrutiny he received for something that he decided to do.

He’s now asking the public to stop throwing hateful comments towards him.

“I HAVE had enough. Please stop condemning me. Please try to understand my situation and stop dehumanizing and cursing me. It is very stressful.”

It remains to be seen if Miyyo will go through more surgeries in the future but he said that he is currently happy with the results. The public criticism was too much but somehow, Miyyo did his best to turn this negativity into an opportunity to promote his business further.

Do you think Miyyo looks like Squall? What do you think of his decision to have plastic surgery? Sound off in the comments section below.

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