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Magician Uses A Little Magic To Make A Homeless Man Happy





Magic tricks are entertaining and while some of us could only wish we know a thing or two about it, there are those who are born with such talents. Magicians often give us a good laugh or spark sheer curiosity but this story is the best of both worlds–a little magic and humanity.

In this YouTube (Polish) video uploaded by Magia Uliczna, a boy magician asked a homeless man for his cup of coffee. Little did he know, he was up for a huge and heartwarming surprise (we all are).

The magic trick starts with the boy asking the homeless man to look at the cup of coffee and concentrate, which he did. A few seconds later, the coffee or liquid was gone. Soon enough, the cup was overflowing with coins and the boy handed it to him. The homeless man was taken aback, happiness written all over his face. He couldn’t believe it at first, saying he has never seen anything like it but grateful for the act.

“It’s magic,” the boy magician happily said.

Indeed it is but the real magic is the boy’s kindness.

Watch the awe-inspiring video:

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Here’s a rough translation of their conversation:

Boy: Can I take that for a while? Look, you’ll see what will happen. You have to concentrate on the coffee. Watch… [coins appear in cup]
Homeless Man: Ohhh!! [laughs]
Boy: It’s for you!
Homeless Man: [laughs] Thank you! Jeez! How did you do that? I’ve lived 55 years, and I’ve never seen magic like that. Thank you so much! Tell me how you did it!
Boy: It’s magic… I’m a magician. Take care!

It’s good to share your talent but it’s another thing when you use it to spread kindness and touch people’s lives. Make someone’s day by sharing this or share your thoughts in the comment box.

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