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Loyal Dog of A Hit and Run Victim Found “Grieving” at The Scene of The Accident





This dog’s loyalty to its owner may remind you of Hachiko, Japan’s most famous Akita dog who showed remarkable loyalty to its owner even years after his death.

Paco, owned by a 42-year-old woman who died in a hit and run mishap, was found lying at the scene of the accident.

Heart-wrenching images of the grieving animal was posted by local journalist Russell Colborn on Twitter and quickly spread like wildfire on social media.

According to Jacksonville police, the woman identified as Kelly Black was found dead in Chaffee Road after a semi-truck allegedly hit her in a nearby convenience store parking lot. Apparently, the truck dragged her into the street.

A report by Action News Jax revealed that the driver may not be aware that he had hit Black.

It is believed that Black was walking Paco when the tragedy struck. This makes Paco the only witness to the incident.

After the residents noticed the dog mourning near the crash scene, they contacted the police who notified the woman’s family about Paco.

Paco was a rescue dog from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina whom Black adopted. Since then, the two had been inseparable.

After being reunited with the Black’s family, Paco seemed to have brightened up as he was seen wagging his tail in a video.


Source: Mirror UK, Mashable

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