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Lovers’ Quarrel in a Parking Lot Ends in a Bloody Mess


Public spats between lovers are not fun things to watch, especially if it becomes violent.

In a video shared on Facebook, a couple can be seen quarreling in a parking lot in an unknown location. The woman can be seen shouting at the man, even pushing, slapping, and punching him at times. All throughout the assault, the man appears to be taking it all without any attempts of blocking the hits. Still not satisfied, the woman resorted to kicking the man in the shins. Eventually, in an attempt to stop the assault and calm the woman down, the man hugged and kissed the woman.

But it did not end there. Despite the man’s reconciliatory actions, the woman was still not appeased and continued with her assaults. Finally having enough of her antics, the man snapped.

Watch how the events turned out in this video:

[fbvideo id=”1372491909434407″]

What are your thoughts about this video? Were the man’s actions rightly justified? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

Source: Facebook

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