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In Siberia, You Can Find the Loneliest Toilet in the World

I’d rather take a dump somewhere else, thank you.






I’ve seen my share of interesting toilets and bathrooms from all over the world, thanks to the internet. So far, this takes the cake for the most extreme of them all.

Perched on a cliff 2,600 metres (more than 8,500 feet) above sea level in Siberia, this extreme toilet is not for the faint-hearted. It serves as the only toilet for the five-man staff of the remote weather station at Kara-Tyurek — which began operation in 1939.

This lonely outpost in the Altai Mountains is visited by a helicopter that delivers its food, water, and wood supply every autumn. Once a month, a postman comes to collect weather data.

“The toilet is perhaps the most unromantic place possible, but there are some parts of the world where people have made them something really special,” explains a recent survey made by Interfax news agency in Belarus.

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Nobody Wants This $400,000-A-Year Small Town Job

The salary is more than substantial, and the benefits are great. Still, no one seems to be interested in the job.

Ann Moises



It’s not easy to find a high-paying job. In fact, thousands of people worldwide are finding it even more difficult to get a decent occupation. So, how come the doctor who posted an Ad for a General Practioner job that promises to pay a hefty salary of $400,000-a-year says that no one wants to apply for the position?

According to the New Zealand Herald, Dr. Alan Kenny took to online job sites after four medical recruitment firms failed to find him a suitable candidate over the past couple of years. But he said he also hasn’t received even a single application since he placed the advertisement a few months ago.


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The Plague Island of Poveglia, The World’s Most Haunted Island

The historically rich island now stands barren, empty, and abandoned, for fear of its macabre history.

Ann Nuñez



A quarantine colony, a resting place for plague victims, and an asylum for the mentally unstable - these were the quite unsavory purposes the rather quaint island of Poveglia has served in the past hundred years or so. However, the historically rich island now stands barren, empty, and abandoned, for fear of its macabre history.

Located between Venice and Lido in the Venetian Lagoon in Northern Italy, the island of Poveglia was first recorded in history as a sanctuary for refugees fleeing invasions of Padua and Este. However, in the 1700s, it was transformed into a confinement station for people infected with the plague, and ultimately as a quarantine station doubling as an asylum for the mentally insane in the 20th century. By 1968, the island was completely abandoned. Even now, water taxis traversing the Grand Canal rarely transport tourists to the island.

An aerial view of the island of Poveglia


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12 Strangely Enthralling Trees in The World

In complete awe of some of the world’s enchanting and bizarre trees.

Jessa Ventures



Trees are among the earth's greatest natural resources. They are the longest living organisms on the planet and have several environmental benefits. Trees give out oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide including harmful gasses. They help prevent pollution, soil erosion, and serve as air filters to give us fresh air to breathe. Trees also provide shade, food, medicine, and a whole lot more.

Meanwhile, the world has a variety of enthralling and strange trees, which also come in different sizes, shapes and beautiful shades of colors. When we have simple strolls at the park, walks along the beach, and trips to some of the scenic and wondrous attractions, we see magnificent trees, which remind us so much of the beauty and abundance of nature.

Now here are 12 of the world's strangest and fascinating trees:
A mushroom-shaped tree.


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