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Russian Man Finds Skull In Garden, Wife Tells Him It Belongs To Her Ex-Husband

Who would have thought that planting potato can solve a crime committed more than two decades ago?


A Russian man was only planning to plant potatoes when he got a shock of his life after he unearthed a human skull from the patch. What was more shocking, though, was her wife’s response when he told her of his discovery.

An unnamed Russian woman is now in hot water after admitting to her husband that the skull he had discovered at the garden belonged to her ex-husband. According to reports, the woman showed no surprise when her current husband had told her of his grim find and even told him not to worry.

The man did not see her wife’s response coming when he told her of his grim find in the garden.

Apparently, the woman calmly told her husband:

“Bury the remains again, forget about it, and we won’t tell the police.”

The woman eventually detailed to her husband how she came to kill her former husband and bury him under the vegetable garden at their property in Luzino, a village in Russia’s Omsk region of Siberia. Reportedly, she had axed him to death 21 years ago after a disagreement, chopped his dead body, and buried the body parts in her potato patch.

She also justified killing him as the act was allegedly done in self-defense since her ex-husband started beating her when he came home drunk.

After burying his dismembered body parts, the woman pretended that her husband had gone to work and eventually abandoned her. Hence, she went on with her life until she re-married.

Despite having been told by his wife to forget what he had discovered and learned, the husband must have felt that his grim find was something that must not be ignored. Hence, he went against his wife’s will and reported to the authorities.

Upon digging the garden, the authorities were able to confirm the man’s story as they were able to find the other bones. The culprit was placed under house arrest during the probe carried out by the Russian Investigative Committee and admitted to the crime she committed more than two decades ago.

During the investigation, she was asked to demonstrate how she carried out the crime.

She is now facing a charge of willful killing with a maximum penalty of ten years in prison.


Indonesian Fishing Competition Participant Gets A Shocking Catch: A Dead Man’s Body

All the while, he thought he caught a big fish!

A supposedly exciting and fun-filled fishing competition in Indonesia turned into a horrific event when one of the participants made one shocking catch. While he thought that he caught a big fish, the angler had the shock of his life upon discovering that a corpse was at the other end of his fishing rod.

The fishereman, identified only as Safari, was one of the hundreds of participants at the recent fishing competition on the Citarum River in Bandung, Indonesia. Realizing that his fishing rod has hooked on something, he thought that he caught a big fish because of the weight of his supposed catch at the other end of the rod. After wrestling with the “big fish” for almost two minutes, Safari had the shock of his life as a human hand emerged out of the surface.

Citarum River in Bandung, Indonesia is considered to be one of the world’s most polluted rivers.

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Woman Almost Goes Blind After Sleeping With Her Mascara On For 25 Years

This should serve as a warning to all ladies who sleep with make-up on.

A 50-year-old woman learned why it is important to remove all traces of make-up before going to bed. The mother of two recently got medical help because her eyes are often irritated. The visit to the eye doctor revealed that there were tiny black lumps under her eyelids. The calcified bumps were actually residue from her mascara, which she had not removed for 25 years.

Theresa Lynch of Sydney, Australia has suffered from eye irritation for a long time. In addition to a strange sensation just under her eyelids, the housekeeper also complained that her eyes often leaked with a sticky discharge. The pain eventually became unbearable so Lynch asked for the help of Dr. Dana Robaei. The two discovered that several calcified bumps, or concretions have accumulated as old mascara lodged itself in Lynch's eyes due to her poor make-up removal routine.

Theresa Lynch admitted that she rarely removed her mascara before sleeping and the nasty habit led to residue getting embedded under her eyelids.

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Patient Plays Guitar While Doctors Perform Surgery On His Brain

Yes, he was fully awake during the operation.

A musician from Bangladesh found himself on the operating table after he was diagnosed to suffer from a condition called musician’s cramp, which required a portion of his brain to be operated. However, unlike other major operations, the patient was not only wide awake during the procedure but was strumming his guitar, too.

31-year old patient Taskin Ibna was diagnosed with a rare condition called hand dystonia (otherwise known as musician’s cramp). According to the professional guitar player and computer engineer, it was in 2013 when he first experienced discomfort in his left middle finger while playing the instrument. Eventually, the same sensation controlled his whole hand.

Taskin Ibna was diagnosed with hand dystonia, also known as musician’s cramp, which caused him to experience a weird sensation in his left hand.

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