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Controversial Pastor ‘Heals’ HIV and Cancer Patients By Spraying Them With Insecticide

The guy is called the ‘Prophet of Doom’ for a very literal reason.


If you are a preacher and have been nicknamed the ‘Prophet of Doom,’ there’s probably something wrong with how you’re doing your job. Like this pastor from South Africa who has recently been the center of controversy because of his unorthodox ‘healing’ methods.

Lethebo Rabalago, a self-proclaimed prophet, literally uses an insecticide called ‘Doom’ and sprays it to people’s eyes and other body parts. He claims it can heal people from different diseases – including cancer and HIV.

Rabalago, who runs the Mount Zion General Assembly church in the province of Limpopo, has been slammed by different denominations and churches for his strange practice.

Photos of the pastor have since made rounds online where he can be seen spraying the insecticide directly in the faces of his followers.


This has attracted more negative reactions from netizens across the world.

In an interview with local news website Herald Live, Rabalago said that his actions were intended to glorify God.

Rabalago said:

“It’s not a matter of inspiration. When one is inspired you are copying. It’s not a matter of inspiration. No one inspired me. I just believe in God for anything. We can use anything that you believe to heal people.”

“Everything here on Earth belongs to God. Petrol belongs to God. Doom belongs to God,” the pastor even justified.


Meanwhile, the group Freedom of Religion SA (FOR SA) strongly condemned Rabalago’s actions as “unlawful and illegal.”


FOR SA represents 88 major denominations and churches in the country and in a statement, the group said:

“While we believe that the Bible teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ healed people of all manner of diseases and ailments during His earthly ministry‚ He always did so in a way that protected their dignity as human beings made in the image of God.

“On no occasion did He act in a way that caused physical harm to people or further endangered their health. As such‚ these reported actions are completely contrary to both biblical teaching and practice.”

Watch the video report here:

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What’s your take on this topic, folks? Do you think Rabalago’s actions are okay or unacceptable? Hit us up in the comment section below!


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