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How Would You Like To Get Paid $38,000 a Year Playing with LEGO?

Everything is awesome in this job!

Mark Andrew





If someone offers you a chance to make a living playing with LEGO, would you go for it? Most of us have fond childhood memories with these iconic bricks that many probably won’t even hesitate about such a dream job opportunity if it ever existed.

Well, guess what? LEGO is actually looking forward to hiring an individual to work for their company as a Master Model Builder – and it pays quite well!

According to reports, the qualified applicant will be receiving a yearly salary of £27,000 (approximately US$38,000).

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The job itself requires the person to come up with awesome designs for the Birmingham Discovery Center.

As the job description tells us:

“Do you love LEGO and have the Magic in you to create memorable experiences all for the love of fun? Do you wish to cast a spell of laughter and enjoyment to the people around you? Want to join a team that creates smiles and memories globally on a daily basis. Then you have the magic to be Team Merlin at LEGOLAND Discovery Center!”

The hired individual will be one of only 22 Master Model Builders across the world.

The post further describes the roles of the job, telling us:

“The Master Model Builder takes ownership of the LEGOLAND Discovery Center creative workshop, is a talented LEGO builder who can make LEGO Building fun, leading workshops for the little LEGO builders of the future!
“As well as having the talent and creativity to build with LEGO, and inspiring children (aged 3-10), the Master Model Builder must also attend media appearances and be comfortable in the public eye. The Master Model Builder will participate in building events, corporate events and PR related activities which will require them to serve as a spokesperson for the attraction.”

The recruiters will choose 50 candidates who will then have to go through the ‘Brickfactor Challenge’, with the winner earning the highly-coveted role.

So far, the company has already received thousands of applications.

Source: Inhabitat

In an interview with iNews, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre’s general manager Amy Langham explained:

“The Master Model Builder role is such a privileged position to hold and the number of applications that we have received has come as no surprise.

“Given this role hankers creativity and excitement, giving someone the opportunity to win the job from a series of live challenges couldn’t be more fitting!”

Sounds fun and interesting, you say? Go here to check out the qualifications.

Watch this interview with a former attorney who left his job to be a Master Model Builder:

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