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Become The Ultimate Couch Potato with This Traditional Japanese Invention

They never fail to amaze us with their incredible inventions!

Mini Malabanan





With kotatsu, an incredible Japanese invention, you’ll never want to leave your bed ever again.

A traditional Japanese table that consists of a blanket placed between a table top and low table-frame and a heat source located beneath the blanket, kotatsu is used by locals as a heating source during cold winters.

Since most homes in Japan have little insulation and rooms are heated separately , Japanese people have long depended on kotatsu as their centralized heat source.

It is believed that kotatsu originated from a cooking hearth or Japanese irori, an invention from the 14th century. This evolved into a hori-gotatsu which is an irori dug into the ground by the 17th century. Today, movable modern kotatsu are now called oki-gotatsu.

Traditionally, families gather around kotatsu to have conversations…


Photo credit: Belle Maison
…play games, cook hot pots, and have naps.


Photo credit: Belle Maison
"It's always warm under the table, so everyone gathers around to cook nabe (hot pot) on a portable stove…

kotatsu 10

Photo credit: Instagram
…eat mandarin oranges and watch television," Nippon reports.


Photo credit: Belle Maison
This graph shows the construction of a modern (above right) and an old (below right) kotatsu.


Photo credit: Belle Maison
Although you can purchase your own kotatsu starting from $125, you also have the option to DIY it.


Photo credit: Instagram
The cold will never bother you anymore with this incredible heat source.


Photo credit: Belle Maison


Photo credit: Belle Maison


Photo credit: Belle Maison


Source: Bored Panda, Aplus, Nippon

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Boxer Pleads Referee To Stop The Fight After Pulverizing Helpless Opponent

After seeing that his bloody opponent cannot take the punches anymore, boxer pleaded with the referee to stop the fight already.

Inah Garcia



In a New Zealand boxing match held last week, heavyweight fighter Willis Meehan from Australia pleaded the referee amidst his sure victory - all because he was so worried about his clearly underdog opponent.

While throwing punches on New Zealander Leamy Tato, Meehan simultaneously spoke with the referee, expressing his concern.

In the controversial fight, Tato was seen failing to deliver, with blood splattered all over the place while receiving continuous punches on the head from Meehan.

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Shocking Social Experiment Shows How Men React to a Woman Pretending to be Drunk

The woman pretending to be drunk received unwanted attention from several men during the course of the social experiment.

Mini Malabanan



As part of a social experiment, a pretty brunette wearing a knee length dress pretended to be drunk to see how men would react to her situation.

The footage captured in downtown Madrid at around 5:30pm was filmed by the rehab clinic Centro Europeo Neurosalus.

At one point, a man in white shirt seemingly pinned the woman against a wall as he plants a kiss on her several times. While he was trying to make a conversation with the woman, his hands can be spotted on the woman’s hips as he appears to attempt to lead her away.

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Cute Toddler Can’t Blow Out His Birthday Candle So His Clever Dad Helped Him

That’s really creative – and adorable!

Ann Moises



This video is a perfect example of cuteness overload! It’s Marty’s second birthday and his loving parents got him a cupcake with a candle on top. It was supposed to be a quick celebration before his dad left for work that morning.

Marty was so eager to blow out the candle, but his parents had to sing to him first. His face was so full of emotions as he looked at his cake and at the camera, it's so adorable!


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