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Korean Barista’s Stunning Latte Art Will Make You Think Twice About Taking A Sip





We here at EliteReders are huge fans of art, regardless of the medium. When it’s done well, we couldn’t help but geek out and probably feature it here in our site – from awesome tattoos that cover scars and satirical Indian comics, to stunning sandcastles and masterfully Photoshopped images, and everything else in between.

With that in mind, I guess it would be easy to imagine our delight when he found out about the work of this amazing Korean barista who’s been serving lattes with top notch designs.

Born in 1991, Kang Bin Lee has been working as a barista for 10 years now.

Source: Kang Bin Lee
His latte art – which he calls ‘Creamart’ – is absolutely like no other.

Source: Kang Bin Lee

We first discovered his stuff he was recently featured by Distractify and we were totally blown away when he headed to his Instagram account.

Art in a cup – featuring iconic movie characters…

Source: Kang Bin Lee
… and many other colorful works.

Source: Kang Bin Lee

He’s definitely good at what he does and so its no surprise that he has thousands of followers on social media.

I mean who wouldn’t be amazed with works of art like this?

Source: Kang Bin Lee
Or this!

Source: Kang Bin Lee
He even recreates classic Disney favorites such as Alice In Wonderland…

Source: Kang Bin Lee
… and Aladdin…

Source: Kang Bin Lee
… plus Beauty and the Beast!

Source: Kang Bin Lee

Well as anyone can probably guess at this point, Lee’s latte artworks do not come cheap. In fact, we are told that each cup of coffee designed by Lee himself costs $100.

Each cup has a price tag of $100.

Source: Kang Bin Lee
It’s perfectly Instagrammable!

Source: Kang Bin Lee

In case you’re interested to see more, go follow this awesome Korean barista over at Instagram.

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