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30 Hilarious Comics That Accurately Depict What Its Like Growing Up In An Indian Family

This “slice-of-life comedy” comic shows us exactly how its like to grow up in India.


What instantly pops up in your mind when you hear ‘India’? If you’re like most people, you’d probably answer Bollywood, Taj Majal, or the grand weddings the country is famous for.

Well very soon, that list may probably include Brown Paperbag – a fairly new webcomic series created by a Mumbai-based Digital Media Arts student named Sailesh Gopalan. The strips are focused around what it’s like to grow up in India and it already has a huge following since the artist began working on it back in June 2016.

The mind and the hand behind Brown Paperbag webcomics: Sailesh Gopalan, a 21-year-old student from India.

Sailesh, 21, studies at the Srishti School of Art Design and Technology in Bangalore. He describes the comic as “a slice-of-life comedy webcomic aimed at highlighting the ironies and exploiting the stereotypes that prevail in Indian families and society in a satirical fashion.”

In a BoredPanda feature, Sailesh shared how we grew up with fascination for comics. He said:

“I’ve always been interested in drawing comics. I used to fill up my drawing books with my own comics as a kid, and that interest never died out. My biggest inspiration is the manga artist Eiichiro Oda, author of One Piece. When it comes to webcomics, it’s Shen, author of Bluechair and Owlturd Comix, as well as Sarah Andersen of Sarah’s Scribbles.”

When asked for what advice would he give for those thinking of starting a comic, the artist just straightforwardly said:

“Upload! Don’t let your inhibitions keep you from sharing your work with the world. I had no idea my comics would receive the response it did, and the only way I could know is if I put it up on the internet.”

Go scroll down below and check out his stuff:































For regular updates of Brown Paperbag Comics, go like the official Facebook page.


50 Photos of the Helix Tattoo Trend That Will Make You Want to Get Inked

We can’t stop looking at them!

There's a new tattoo trend that's taking over the Internet and even those set on not getting inked might just start thinking twice. It's called the helix tattoo and it's pretty awesome. The helix is the thin and curved outer part of the ear, which is now a famous spot for tattoos apparently. The new tattoo trend is all over Instagram and it looks like more and more people will be getting into it in the next few months.

Helix tattoos have a beautiful simplicity about them. Since the space to get inked is quite small, the tiny designs have to be perfect. Among the most famous designs are florals, animal prints, and minimalist details. Some of them look dainty, while some are pretty kickass. Helix tattoos are very subtle, so they are ideal for first-timers who don't want very noticeable and obvious tattoos.

With cool helix tattoos, who needs fancy earrings or ear cuffs? Below are a few Instagrammable helix tattoo photos that might just convince you to finally get inked. We seriously can't get enough of them, so enjoy!

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Artist Dad Illustrates His 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Sayings – And Its Hilariously Brilliant!

This kid is adorably witty! Made me laugh out loud!

If you are an artist, it is crucial that you are a keen observer. You really need to be on the constant lookout for inspiration and ideas to be effective in your work. Fortunately, there are instances when such moments can come naturally and you won’t even have to force it.

Just take it from Martin and Michelle Bruckner of Omaha, Nebraska, parents of 5-year-old Harper Grace. Both of them work as graphic designers and, one day, Martin suddenly had the idea of drawing their daughter’s funny – and sometimes awkward -sayings.

The result, like we told you in the title above, is hilariously brilliant.

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Muslim Artist Inserts Hidden ‘Anti-Christian, Anti-Jewish’ Messages in X-Men

“The implied references are in direct opposition of what the X-Men have stood for,” Marvel Comics said.

If you are familiar with the X-Men, then you know it is a fictional comic book team that celebrates diversity and promotes unity. Created in 1963 by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, this supergroup fights for peace and equality between humans and mutants.

In case it still isn’t clear enough for you, the creation of the team was obviously inspired by real social issues experienced by minority groups in the United States such as African Americans, Jews, the LGBT community, and different religious groups, among others.

That’s why it is actually quite ironic that a recent issue of X-Men Gold is currently getting a lot of negative attention because of racism and discrimination.

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