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He Endured A 220 Mile Hike Just To Capture These Captivating Images. I’m in AWE!





Hiking is a fun activity for some people. If you love anything that’s extreme then this would surely be included in your To Do list of outdoor activities. Others prefer admiring the astounding views, captivating beauty of nature and  the sense of serenity when you’re on a hike. Be it a hobby, sport and whatnot, the satisfaction and adrenaline rush make it more worthwhile.

For photojournalist and world traveler Daniel Sullivan it’s the best of both worlds. While he can use his passion and love for photography, he also gets to experience the adventure and thrills of nature. Enduring a 200-mile hike while crossing risky cliffs, battling white waters and braving the wild jungle just to capture Hawaii’s ancient, the great King’s Highway.

Over 500 years ago, King Pi’ilani who ruled the island during the 16th Century constructed the King’s Highway on Maui, Hawaii also known as Hoapili Trail. Unfortunately, what once was part of the history of Maui is now almost fading away and Daniel Sullivan is trying to immortalize it through his photographs and compiling it in a book.

Ho’okipa Beach, Maui as photographed by Daniel on his journey to the ancient trail.


Photo credit: Daniel Sullivan
The Hui Aloha Church in Kipahulu. Breathtaking!


Photo credit: Daniel Sullivan
The perfect view of the sunset and a preserved section of the King’s Highway–a road of jagged stone built by King Pi’ilani.


Photo credit: Daniel Sullivan
The sun rises over Oluwalu, Maui. Just lovely!


Photo credit: Daniel Sullivan

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