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Kids Brought Back Their Parent’s Original ’65 Mustang As 50th Anniversary Gift

Kids found the perfect 50th anniversary gift to their parents: their old sports car!

Inah Garcia





Material things cannot buy happiness but the memories that come with our prized possessions do. There’s just something nice and wonderful in reminiscing our old stuff, especially those that have served us well for many years. This is exactly what two sisters named Michelle Wolter and Heather Goetz thought upon getting their 50th anniversary gift for their parents.

For their golden anniversary, Tim and Ruth Bredahl received a very special gift from their daughters, which instantly sent them to a time machine — their original red ’65 Mustang sports car.

According to Michelle, her father saved up for that car so that they can have it before their wedding day. Tim enrolled in a loan payment scheme that amounted to $56.13 per month to get hold of that dream car, Michelle told KARE News.

“When those Mustangs came out, that was the car to have,” said the other daughter Heather.

Unfortunately, after 30 years, Tim had to sell his treasured car.

Fast forward to the present, Michelle’s friend informed her that the very same car is sitting in a broker’s warehouse. She knew right then that they have found the perfect gift for their parent’s anniversary.

So on the day of the celebration, after a family meal, the daughters handed them a box containing a miniature Mustang replica of their old car. Inside was the key to the real gift that was then waiting outside for everyone to marvel upon.

The moment the couple saw the car all sleek and looking brand new, with a “Just Married” sign accented with dangling soda cans, their jaws dropped and suddenly exuded a bright and overall happy vibe.

Watch the wonderful surprise here:

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“Same girl. Same guy. Same car.”

Awww! We think that video is too sweet and cute. Nothing beats being able to go back down memory lane with the most important persons (and things) in your life.

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Credits: USA Today via Little Things


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