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An Adorable 7-Year Old Kid Explains How Two Moms Can Have Babies.

This kid explains in the most delightful, informative way how her two moms can have babies.


There are parents who are uncomfortable speaking to their children about sex and how babies are made. It can be quite complicated and confusing for the child, especially when parents use ambiguous terms and analogies that children don’t quite understand. Considering that most families have a mom and a dad who can explain these details in a natural and scientific way, it can still be awkward sometimes.

Now, what then of children born with gay or lesbian parents? 7-year old Sophia, the daughter of “The Next Family” modern lifestyle website’s founder Brandy Black, was asked by her mom whether she had been asked by anyone how she came to existence since she has two moms. Black also asked why she thinks people are asking, but apparently, her daughter didn’t know why either.

Black decided to explain the subject matter in the most simple and factual way possible, and their conversation had inspired Black to create a video that would educate other kids on how two mothers can have babies. Black let Sophia explain the facts as how she understood them. Her mom was totally surprised and impressed with her!

After her adorable and short intro, Sophia said,

“Say you have a mom, and she was in love with this other mom, and then they married, and then they’re going to have a baby. But they need a boy!

The video shows cute illustrations to help viewers understand what she was saying.


Photo credit: daily mail
The 7-year old narrated about the sperm donor.


Photo credit: daily mail
"They ask for sperm from him and when he gives it to them and they say thank you", she continued.


Photo credit: Daily mail
"..and then he is their invisible – the kid's invisible father and… and, well, that's how they get born. The end."


Photo credit: daily mail
Watch the full video here:

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He’s Been Stuck on a Wheelchair. Little Did He Know that He was About to do the Impossible!

Each and every one of us has a dream to do something extraordinary.

A trip to Paris, a very own Louis Vuitton, a big fat bank account and a top placer at the Forbes’ Richest Human world-wide. These are all just possible “wants” that usually dominate the New Year’s resolution. However, for nine-year-old Jason Smith, Jr., a touchdown is more than just enough to fulfill a life-time dream.

Coming from a family of football legacy, Jason dreams of continuing the family heritage and making for his own “run for the goal triumph”. With his father being a football coach and his twin brother on the team, Jason is willing to give up anything just to fulfill his dream. Unfortunately, his muscular dystrophy forced his dreams to step aside and has locked him in a wheelchair.

Fortunately, it was during the thrilling game of 2012, when all these things took a tremendous turn. Finally, his dad granted his wish and suited him up just in time to take part of the game. With just a few minutes left to spare, Jason was pushed by one of his teammates as they made the phenomenal run and made the ultimate touchdown. Teams from both sides congratulated him for a historic milestone. As a smiling Jason said, “It was very surprising.” Truly, this event is a new promising step to greater possibilities that will be held onto for a lifetime.

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When I Heard What He Thinks of His Mother, I Nearly Broke Down!

All moms should watch this!

If there’s one die-hard fan each and every one of us could have, that would probably be no other than our mother. Sure anyone can be a sibling, a cousin or an aunt but we only get to have one mom. Sadly, although they play a very important role to our lives, believe it not, it is not very often that they get to receive a noble prize award for simply bearing us into this world.

Good thing an advertising agency launched a Mother’s Day treat with the goal of collating perceptions on mothers. With a handful of key respondents, Emilio was one of the privileged to voice out his personal thoughts for his beloved mother. And quite frankly, what he said just might be the perfect message any well-loved son could share to his own mother. The biggest twist was later on revealed when his mother suddenly stepped out of a room nearby. Apparently, everything recorded in the footage, was just a screen apart between them.

Watch the video:

Admit it or not, with the fast-phased evolution busying our worlds, we seldom neglect our mothers and forget to say even a simple thank you. We tend to forget that it is only with their unconditional love that we get to enjoy everything that life has to offer yet still acquire more than half of whatever is left of them.

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Angry Villagers Wanted to Slaughter these Lost Elephants. Thankfully these People Stepped in.

The next time you want to kill or abuse an annoying animal, keep this story in mind. Violence is not the solution!

Elephants, though big in size, are one of the most adorable and smartest animals there are. They are also unique as they are the only animals with a prehensile trunk. But given that elephants are wild animals, they may collect negative impressions from people, especially if they cause harm or destruction of property. Sometimes, humans take these too negatively that they resort in violence to this animals.

An incident of elephant rescue was reported in a small community in Africa. The elephants were said to be lost and kept on wandering around the village causing damage to the fields. The people in the community witnessed how their crops and produce were destroyed. Fortunately, the International Fund for Animal Welfare took immediate action and helped save the bewildered animals.

The entire rescue operation was a perfect scene of unified people helping one another to save the environment. No one thought about killing the animals or using violence to solve this community problem. In the end, the villagers restored their livelihood and the elephants were kept safe.

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