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6-Year-Old Kid Saved Mom After Suddenly Collapsing. You Will Not Believe How She Did It!





It pays to teach our kids how to be alert, intelligent and relaxed. Because in emergency situations, when all adults cannot be obtained help from, the kids can pretty much do wonders! We admire children who show great talent and brightness beyond their years, and in this story we found, we think we found the perfect example for that.

Meet Madison, the 6-year-old girl who saved two lives with her simple ingenuity and quick response. Her mother 30-year-old mother, Jovanna collapsed in Southern California on Saturday due to a diabetic comma. Jovanna’s fiancé was currently at work and no other adults were around, but that did not cause Madison to cry or panic like kids are expected to do. Instead, she picked up her mother’s phone and contacted her grandparents living in Japan for help. The call was successful and soon enough, rescue came to them after her grandparents contacted 911.

“Madison contacted my parents telling them I was frozen,” Nunez told NBC News. “My eyes were wide open, I was unresponsive… My parents live in Japan and they were the ones who told her to call 911.”

Jovanna was revived successfully as the paramedics arrived just in time. She was brought to the hospital for treatment of low blood sugar, and subsequently recovered. During her admission, it was also found that Jovanna was three months pregnant! This meant that Madison save two lives!

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