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KFC Responds to Dismayed Customer Who Compared Actual Food Vs Ad Pic





We all know the disappointing feeling of comparing an actual food with its advertisement. Let’s face it – ads are mostly deceptive. Companies use them to portray their products in the best possible light to lure in potential buyers. The end result, of course, is that they get to boost their profits.

Well, this KFC customer in UK got tired of the whole thing. He was so annoyed with the rice box that he got and so he decided to take a picture and posted it side by side with the ad photo.

User atheistlee posted this photo on both Imgur and Reddit:


Photo credit: imgur

The picture was captioned:

“What I thought I was eating, what I actually got highlights the contrast between the well-lit and stylized version used to sell the product next to the reality – limp pieces of battered chicken covered in white sauce resting atop soggy, over-cooked rice.”

How much did the meal cost him? He said “It cost me £6.09 which is about $9.25. I don’t expect it to look perfect, but I do expect more than a tiny scoop of rice and half a chicken breast.”

More importantly, he noted:

“For those asking, it didn’t really taste very good either, the chicken was very tough and rice stone cold.”

Several netizens likewise shared similar experiences:

kfc-fastfood-complaint 3

kfc-fastfood-complaint 4

The complaints eventually reached KFC and a spokesperson from the company relayed this message:

“We are really sorry about this. Clearly this rice box was not served as it should have been and we are in contact with the customer to apologize. We are also reminding all of our restaurants of the right way to serve Rice boxes. We always want our customers to be happy with both the look and taste of their food, so this is very disappointing.”

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