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They Were Excited to Meet Their Triplets… But Tragedy Strikes Three Times.

What was supposed to be a joyous occasion, the birth of triplets, turned bleak as soon as the babies were born.

For a family who has been waiting for a baby to come, the Johnsons were ecstatic upon learning they were having triplets. It was awesome news! Instead of looking forward to just one baby, it would be triple the fun, triple the excitement!

As could be expected, they recorded every single detail of the pregnancy.

But their excitement turned to horror when a tragic incident happened. The babies were still a few months old when their mom was forced to give birth. It had to be that way because baby Anders Mark Johnson was already stillborn inside his mommy’s tummy.

There was no other way to keep the other babies safe than to deliver the live babies along with the dead one. However, both Bale Christopher Johnson and Crosby Layne Johnson were too weak that 15 days later, they both were gone as well.

The heartbreaking tragedy was too much for the family to bear. The births of these triplets would have been a joyous day of celebration yet it only brought them too much pain.

But they knew they had to accept the triplets’ deaths so they could all rest in peace. So, the heartbroken parents made this fitting tribute to honor their memories…

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Source: SF Globe


Believe It or Not, These Two “Identical” Women Aren’t Related to Each Other

Separated at birth?


After making a bet with her friends and setting up a Facebook page called Twin Strangers, a 26-year-old woman from Ireland found her doppelgänger on Facebook.

Dublin pals Terence Manzanga, Harry English, and Niamh Geaney wanted to find their twin stranger, a person completely unrelated to them but looks exactly the same. They gave each other one month to find the twin they never had.

The trio received photos from their look-alikes all over the world, but it was Geaney who found her spitting image....

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Girl Screams Hysterically After Seeing A Harmless Manatee

She screamed as if it was a shark attack!


Do you remember one of the most famous underwater scenes in the suspense/thriller movie “Jaws,” where you see the long, beautiful legs of a woman in bikini moving in the water? Remember how your heart beat faster than the mysterious underscore of the film, as the huge, ravenous creature slowly swam towards the unsuspecting victim?

Movies or any other videos like that can really capture your attention. Sometimes, you wouldn't even realize that you've been holding your breath the entire time.  You watch very closely and root for the protagonist, and no matter how scary the scene may get, you can’t help it…you just can’t take your eyes off the screen!

Now, think of this young woman as the protagonist. In the following video, you’ll see our protagonist swimming in the water in Florida. But I don’t think that what happened to her can be categorized under the suspense genre. You see, it’s spring break and many hormonally charged students are off to the beach....

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Tiny Pet Fish Grew into a Feral Aquatic Killer After Being Freed in a Lake!

Here’s why you shouldn’t throw your Goldfish into the lake!

Look into an aquarium or into a koi pond and you’ll marvel at how harmless those groups of goldfish and koi look like as they swim prettily in the waters. Perhaps you’re tempted to scoop your pet goldfish and set him free on the lake, praying that the bigger fishes won’t prey on it.

Yep, you should be worried all right, but not for your pretty little goldfish. You should be worried about the other fish in the lake because little Goldie may turn out to become like this:

A Pet Fish That Grew Into a Feral Aquatic Killer!


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