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They Were Excited to Meet Their Triplets… But Tragedy Strikes Three Times.





For a family who has been waiting for a baby to come, the Johnsons were ecstatic upon learning they were having triplets. It was awesome news! Instead of looking forward to just one baby, it would be triple the fun, triple the excitement!

As could be expected, they recorded every single detail of the pregnancy.

But their excitement turned to horror when a tragic incident happened. The babies were still a few months old when their mom was forced to give birth. It had to be that way because baby Anders Mark Johnson was already stillborn inside his mommy’s tummy.

There was no other way to keep the other babies safe than to deliver the live babies along with the dead one. However, both Bale Christopher Johnson and Crosby Layne Johnson were too weak that 15 days later, they both were gone as well.

The heartbreaking tragedy was too much for the family to bear. The births of these triplets would have been a joyous day of celebration yet it only brought them too much pain.

But they knew they had to accept the triplets’ deaths so they could all rest in peace. So, the heartbroken parents made this fitting tribute to honor their memories…

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Source: SF Globe

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