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Filipina Girl Creates Awesome Art Using Fishbones

Her masterpieces are stunning!


If you’re a frequent visitor, we bet you already know we love featuring artists of all sorts of mediums here on our site. We’re definitely big fans of art and we love spotlighting those that we think deserve getting exposure to a wider number of audience.

Case in point, some of you may remember Noriyuki Saitoh – that Japanese guy who creates intricate life-size insects using bamboo. There’s also Bruce Mackley who used more than 20,000 screws to craft mind-blowing 3D portraits. Of course, who could forget about Kel Cruz, a Filipino pixel artist who uses duct tape, lipstick, and even blood to make massive art pieces.

Meet Jessica Lopez, another unusual artist from the Philippines.

Hailing from Dagupan City in the province of Pangasinan, Jessica Lopez is a unique artist with a one-of-a-kind medium: she uses fish bones for her masterpieces. The idea struck her one day after eating and so instead of throwing the fish bones away, she decided to use them to create art.

Also known as Lady Fishbone, the young Filipina recently caught the attention of HISTORY Asia.

Source: HISTORY Asia

In fact, they featured her on a video uploaded on the channel’s official Facebook page.

Check out some of Lady Fishbone’s artworks here:

#1. Motions of Emotions

#2. Salvation

#3. Diary of a Journey

#4. Until We Grow Grey

#5. Thorn Shaken Overflow

#6. The Immune System of Sacrifice

#7. Elements of Struggle and Faith

#8. A Home

#9. Patience

#10. Colors of an Introvert

Now watch the HISTORY feature here:

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With the abundance of fish in their area (which is also known as the ‘Milkfish Capital of the World’), we can rest assured that Jessica will have lots of materials to use to produce more and more fantastic pieces in the years to come.

For those interested to see more of her works or purchase some pieces, you can follow Lady Fishbone on Facebook.


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