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Camera Man Captures Jellyfish Protecting School Of Fish From Predators





The ocean is one mesmerizing world filled with marine animals, corals and other creatures. The ecosystem there is one complicated network of preys and predators fighting for food and life.

One interesting thing about these animals is their nature to take sides. Some preys actually get safety from certain predators. Clearly, it’s a dog-eat-dog-world business down there. One very good example of this set-up is this video we found from Earth Touch.

Camera man Stewart Whitfield filmed a group of baby yellowtail kingfish under a huge jellyfish. The jellyfish appears to be protecting the school from predator trumpetfish. The jellyfish uses its bell to cover up and provide a safety house for the fish.

The scene looks like a mother protecting its babies, but the amazing thing is the two creatures are not from the same species.

Such relationship, which experts call symbiosis, may also be noted among crabs, turtles, brittle stars, mollusks and crabs. This goes to show that the world is meant to be harmonious for all. We may have individual monsters, but a solid support is surely available to back every creature up.

Watch the video here:

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That was one short yet spectacular video, and with the the massive size of the ocean, we are sure there is much more amazing things like this that are yet to be discovered.

Source: Earth Touch 

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