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Single Mom Fires Back At Professor Who Told Her To Leave Class For Bringing Her Toddler

“If he give me an A for the semester then I will leave and not return.”

Mark Andrew





Life as a single parent can be tough. Just imagine how difficult it would be to raise a child alone and provide for both of your needs. Now things could be a little more complicated if, on top of all that, you also have to go to school.

Jazz Jamal lives such a life. At one point, she had to bring her daughter with her so she can attend her classes. Her toddler’s a cheerful kid and she enthusiastically said “hi” to everyone.

Unfortunately, however, not everyone is considerate about her circumstances.

Single mom Jazz Jamal brought her toddler to class one day. Her professor, however, wasn’t too happy about it.


Case in point, her professor asked her to leave the classroom for bringing her child, fearing that she would disturb the class. Jazz was even told that she only come back when she could arrange for child care.

Jazz was told to leave the class and come back only “once child care was situated.”


That didn’t sound right for the single mom – and so she had to fire back with an epic response.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Jazz described how it all happened. She wrote:

“My professor tried to tell me to leave the class today … Because my queen was very excited the first few min of the class she was very happy and constantly saying hi etc however I manage to calm her down , he ask me to step out the class and when that happened he suggested I come back once child care was situated …

1. My response to him was if he pay for her to go to day care I’ll come back without her.

2. If he move me out the country brought me land and spoiled us rotten etc etc buy her some horses and everything she want I won’t return to the class.

3. If he take care of us hand in foot .

4. If he pays for my classes , because I paid out of pocket .

5. If he give me an A for the semester then I will leave and not return.

HE THEN LOOKED AT ME LIKE I WAS CRAZY , and told me I’m happy you could join us all baby girl and to have a seat …..

I will never allow the fact that I have a beautiful baby interfere with my degree . I refuse for that to stop me from being successful…. I do this sh*t by my self and to make sure she good I will go trough what ever …. Leaving was not an option for me …a baby won’t hold me back FOH.”

“I will never allow the fact that I have a beautiful baby interfere with my degree,” said Jazz. “I refuse for that to stop me from being successful.”


What an awesome mom! Thank you, Jazz, for showing us all how much your education – and your child – means to you.


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