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This Japanese Man Has the Largest Hello Kitty Collection in the World!

You can’t be more obsessed than this dude.


Most of us have this one friend who is fascinated, if not obsessed with Hello Kitty. She’s probably the type who spends serious cash buying every Hello Kitty merchandise ever sold. She plans to go to Japan (where Hello Kitty originated) to hoard stuff. Her room is a shrine to Hello Kitty or if she’s REALLY obsessed, her entire home is homage to the most famous cat in the world.

Now this person has all the above qualities, except that this individual is MALE and actually lives in Japan, which gives him access to the best of the best Hello Kitty merchandise. He has amassed more than 5,000 Hello Kitty memorabilia which earned him a Guinness World Record for the largest collection of this variety.

Meet Masao Gunji, who lives in Yotsukaido in Chiba, Japan.

He has been collecting stuff for more than 35 years.

He has Hello Kitty stuffed toys, stationery, plushies, towels, clocks…you name it. He even has Hello Kitty motorcycle helmets and kitchenware!

He lives in a pink home done with Hello Kitty wallpaper.

In case you’re imagining that Masao is gay because of his unusually feminine fascination, you would be surprised to know that he is a married guy and looks just like any other straight man in Japan.

Guinness produced a video showing a representative award a certificate to Masao for being a record-holder.

He also shows off his massive collection; his house looks like a well-supplied Hello Kitty store!

So why is this guy SO into Hello Kitty?

“The reason I like Hello Kitty is because of her expression,” says Gunji . “For some reason, when I’m sad, she looks a little bit sad as well, and when I am happy she looks happy.”

It’s not a surprise that his house attracts visitors all the time.

“My neighbors enjoy visiting this house. I can see they enjoy relaxing here.”

They say that behind every successful man is a supportive wife and this is especially true in Gunji’s case.

His wife helps him collect the stuff and buys Hello Kitty stuff whenever she could.

The previous record-holder was also from Japan. Asako Kanda had 4,519 Hello Kitty goods in his possession.


Flat-Earther Confronts NASA Scientist at Starbucks and It Didn’t End Well

Watch what happens when a prominent flat-earther confronts a NASA scientist.

What happens when a prominent flat-earther bumps into a NASA scientist at a Starbucks shop? Well, you are about to find out in the video below because that’s exactly what happened just recently – and it was all caught on film.

In the bizarre footage, Nathan Thompson, founder of the Official Flat Earth and Globe Discussion page confronted a NASA scientist in the said coffee shop. Based on the video, the two had a nice chat earlier and the scientist even gave Nathan some stickers.

Nathan Thompson bumped into a NASA scientist in a Starbucks branch. He was given a free NASA sticker.

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Klay Thompson Missed Shots In China Prove That He Is NBA’s Worst Dunk Shooter?

Klay Thompson makes headlines as he misses not just one but two dunks during his China tour with his shoe sponsor, Anta.

Klay Thompson headed straight to his "Shock the Game" tour with his shoe sponsor, Anta, in China after winning the NBA 2016 - 2017 season championship. He might wish though that he never had to after his first day of stay turned out to be a total embarrassment. The famous Splash Brother of another NBA superstar, Stephen Curry, was caught on camera trying to make a dunk – twice -- where he ended up dunking not the ball in the ring but himself on the ground.

Over the weekend, a video of Klay Thompson’s epic dunk fail started to go viral online with already over half a million views on Youtube after just a day of posting. Viewers were quick to criticize the star and took to social media sites to discuss the event.

The recording that apparently started to make a hit in China’s Weibo features Thompson making two dunks. Although his first shot can be considered a mere miscalculation, his second attempt cannot be taken as another “miss” according to commenters.

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12 Dumb Cheaters Who Got Caught in Their Own Text Messages

#4 is totally cringe-worthy!

Everybody hates cheaters and so it’s always satisfying when they get caught and they suffer the consequences of their actions. Thanks to modern technology, catching infidelity has even become easier. No need to hire a private investigator if you use a strategically-placed CCTV camera, for instance. You'll quickly have solid evidence in no time and be able to dump your partner for grounds of infidelity.

Apparently though, some cheaters are plainly too dumb that they eventually end up getting caught red-handed because of their own stupidity. Case in point, these cheaters below documented their own lascivious acts via the smartphone and, in some instances, even busted themselves by sending messages to the wrong person – such as their own spouse or their kids!

Check out this cringe-worthy compilation by Diply and see for yourself:

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