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In Japan, Cats Sit Politely Outside Convenience Stores… So Cute!

Cats sitting politely outside Japanese convenience stores restore our faith in felines.






During the last couple of years, there were stories about cats in Japan invading convenience stores and doing what they damn well please.  There was even a report about a cat shoplifting at a 7-11 store in Japan, stealing cat food worth hundreds of yen. These incidents may lead others to think that kitties in Japan are allowed to run the place without any regard for rules, which is pretty much the standard behavior of cats everywhere.

But these recent pictures may tell us otherwise, because they show that cats are also perfectly capable of showing manners and restraint. They are actually sitting politely outside convenience stores, looking perfectly content to look in from the outside.

They look so prim and proper, sitting outside the store.


Waiting patiently in the shadows…


Chilling out at Family Mart



It’s amusing to think that these cats actually have manners but knowing felines, we couldn’t be too sure. They may have some sort of ulterior motive for doing this. For all we know, they hang out at the store to get some warmth.

Here’s Exhibit A:


Whether they’re up to no good or not, you have to admit these kitties look so cute chilling out at convenience stores.

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Kids Complain About The Darndest Things. This Dad Has To Deal While Driving!

When I heard what the kids were crying for, I was totally laughing my heart out!

Inah Garcia



Parenthood comes with rewards and lots of funny annoyances, particularly those who are raising preschoolers, who have the most epic complaints in the world. Lucky you if you got one kid, but what if you have three, and they all start to complain about the most hilarious things? This dad had to deal with that situation in this video. On top of that, he has to drive. Just imagine the chaos inside the car with a father reprimanding, and three kids crying and blurting out "real" problems.

We think it is hilarious, and the kids, though somewhat annoying for some, are adorable! It's the combination of the most simple problems and the most emotional reactions that made us enjoy the video.

Watch the video here:

What do you think of this video? Let us know in the comment box below! Share this post to your family and friends too!

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Two Men had a ‘Conversation’ with their Dog While They were Stuck in Traffic!

I can’t understand French or ‘dog talk’ but this one is definitely adorable!

Ann Moises



Don't you ever wish that your dog- your best friend and your loyal companion  can talk back and have a nice and meaningful conversation with you? I bet it would look rather ridiculous, but it would definitely help us understand them better and we wouldn't have to be too bored at home when we're alone with them. Imagine the movie "Cats and Dogs" back in 2001 and "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" in 2008, so cute, right?

Well, some videos of "talking dogs" have recently gone viral over the internet. Have you seen Marc Metral's audition on Britain's Got Talent with his dog Wendy? That was clearly a clever and well-executed form of ventriloquism, but it was really fun to watch.

Then these French guys shared a spot in the limelight. In the video, you'll see both men inside the car with a cute dog in between them. At first, the guy on the right talked to the dog in English and then after in their native tongue. Amazingly, the dog talks back and it seems to engage in a normal conversation while they were stuck in traffic!

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Photo of Dog Posted on Shelter’s Facebook Page Leads Him to His FOREVER Family.

Behold, the touching story of Chester- the dog who found a family and a new home after five years.

Jessa Ventures



If you've got dog-loving friends on your social media, then it's a normal experience for you to see photos of pooches browse online from time to time. These days though, a single photo posted on the web can have a huge impact. In this case, one particular photo changed and saved the life of a dog yearning for the love and care of a family.

A pit bull named Chester stayed under the care of 2 animal shelters for years. The first was at Riverhead Animal Shelter when he was found as a stray dog while the most recent was at North Fork Animal Welfare League's Southold location. He waited for five long years for a family to adopt him.

Recently, the manager of the shelter came up with an idea to use Facebook to help the animal find the right carer. Like an answered prayer, someone eventually came knocking.

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