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In Japan, Cats Sit Politely Outside Convenience Stores… So Cute!





During the last couple of years, there were stories about cats in Japan invading convenience stores and doing what they damn well please.  There was even a report about a cat shoplifting at a 7-11 store in Japan, stealing cat food worth hundreds of yen. These incidents may lead others to think that kitties in Japan are allowed to run the place without any regard for rules, which is pretty much the standard behavior of cats everywhere.

But these recent pictures may tell us otherwise, because they show that cats are also perfectly capable of showing manners and restraint. They are actually sitting politely outside convenience stores, looking perfectly content to look in from the outside.

They look so prim and proper, sitting outside the store.


Waiting patiently in the shadows…


Chilling out at Family Mart



It’s amusing to think that these cats actually have manners but knowing felines, we couldn’t be too sure. They may have some sort of ulterior motive for doing this. For all we know, they hang out at the store to get some warmth.

Here’s Exhibit A:


Whether they’re up to no good or not, you have to admit these kitties look so cute chilling out at convenience stores.

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